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It Djents TV: Divine Realm – Cloak And Dagger [Exclusive Single Premiere]

Today we are happy to present you a brand new Divine Realm single off of their upcoming debut album Tectum Argenti. Divine Realm is a 4 piece progressive metal band from Ottawa, Canada playing incredibly fun instrumental music. After releasing their two EPs Mor[t]ality and Abyssal Light, they are back and ready to release their new album Tectum Argenti.

To give you an idea of what their new music sounds like, they decided to release the song “Cloak And Dagger” via ItDjentsTV. The song is, just like the rest of the album, super fun to listen to. It features everything that should make any prog fan happy: challenging guitar riffs + drum sections, the right amount of melody and a few interesting twists throughout the whole song. But find out for yourself:

Tectum Argenti will be out February 23rd, Preorders can be found by clicking on this link. We had the pleasure of reviewing the album, here is a little teaser of what our writer Dillon had to say about it:

The album is a real dancer in your ears, but is also very grandiose and hard-hitting. It’s also very mature, it rips like a tiger, but with a certain confidence rather than an abashed cockiness. All in all, it’s simply a very well-put-together album. Each lick, each solo, each bass drop is executed perfectly, it all fits together like a puzzle, bringing technique, flow, pace, and heaviness together.

Find the full review right here.

Make sure to follow Divine Realm on Facebook and check out Tectum Argenti when it drops!

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1 Comment

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