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25 Records You May Have Missed So Far In 2015!

You know that feel: there are some records during the year, magnificent and overlooked records from unknown bands that deserve way more attention. I have collected 25 records like that, each and every one of them special in their own way. You need to listen to them! This list contains releases till the end of July.

No More PainThe Post Human Condition


NMP’s Progressive Rock opus is a timeless masterpiece, full of fresh ideas and reminiscences of great Prog classics. A must-have for every Prog fan!

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Epic. This monstrous behemoth of Industrial, Groove, and Symphonic Metal is the perfect soundtrack for your interstellar mech war.

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a1965822318_16Quaoar are a very tasty band from Spain that combines Stoner Rock, Grunge, and Progressive Rock. The tracks are incredible catchy, and the vocals reminds me of the beautiful voices of Chris Cornell or Richie Kotzen.

Young LionsBlue Isla


I really can’t explain why this record is so outstanding. On the one hand, you have a young Australian band that plays typical radio-friendly Alternative/Indie Rock; on the other hand you can find so much love, creativity and passion in every note and every line. You may think you’ve heard this stuff a thousand times. You’re wrong.

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HarklaThousands Of Machines


You miss Meshuggah, Vildjharta, and Humanity’s Last Breath? You’re bored by all the overproduced Axe-FX-“we have chugs so we djent” bands out there? These bunch of young guys from Sweden (surprise^^) released their debut record earlier this year. It’s rough, dark and monstrous, and you have to listen to it!

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Sanguine HumNow We Have A Light


Can’t get enough of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson? Sanguine Hum deliver a more classic, theatric appeal to Progressive Rock, but this record is a beautiful journey. Well composed and spiked with so many wonderful melodies.

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SullenPost Human


Sullen are my Herod of 2015. You don’t know Herod or Sullen? Shame on you. Both bands deliver an awesome blend of Post and Math Metal. In the vein of great acts like Textures or Eryn Non Dae, Sullen combine heavy-ass grooves with a dark and drowning atmosphere and magnificent vocals!

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Silent NookIntricacy


These 39 minutes of Ambient, Post Rock, and Trip Hop are one of the most beautiful electronic records I’ve heard in years. Silent Nook is a project from Russia, and that’s everything I know about it. If you don’t speak russian, you have no chance to get any info about this project. But I only need one fact: they’re magnificent.

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Dorthia CottrellDorthia Cottrell


Atmosphere is a funny thing. We are used to complex tech porn. But this, Dorthia Cottrell’s first solo record is just atmosphere. A voice, guitar, slides and tons of reverb. Dorthia is the woman behind the mic of Windhand, a Doom Metal band from Richmond, and she brings something to the table. And I can’t get these songs out of my head.

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HeightsPhantasia On The High Procession Of Sun, Moon and Countless Stars Above


Okay, you might know about this one. If you know that Tesseract’s Jay Postones is sitting behind the drums in this band, you have to check it out. Heights is so much more than just this spectacular drummer. One of the best Post Rock of the last years, for example. It’s so different from the usual Post Rock stuff, way more riff-orientated. Listen to it!

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You’ve ever searched for a band that combines the darkness and cold atmosphere of Meshuggah with the dreamy Alternative Rock-awesomeness of Deftones? You search came to an end. Thirdear is here.

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Vivid IllusionCircumnavigation | A


I don’t think that I found a better song than Vivid Illusion’s “Liquid Walker” in 2015. The song, and the whole record, is a “WHY DO THEY ONLY HAVE 595 LIKES ON FACEBOOK?” kind of thing. This absolutely unique sounding mixture of Ambient, Sludge, Post Metal, and Post Rock is one of a kind. The harmonized vocals are your lullaby, and the massive Post Metal moments are the bucket of water above your head when you awake. But in a good way.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1404633279 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=2085406924]

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SolkyriSad Boys Club


Math, Post-, and Progressive Rock. Three of my favorite genres. Combine them, like Solkyri’s “Sad Boys Club”, and I will love it. So much energy, and amazing fretwork. And yeah, they are from Australia.

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The Lion In WinterSleep Well, Avidya


Easily described as “Swancore”, this new wave of bands which play this fresh blend of Progressive Rock and Post Hardcore, The Lion In Winter isn’t a big name. In the shadow of new outputs by Eidola or Dance Gavin Dance, this little band from Tacoma doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. You should change that. Immediately.

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WolframMusic Of The Heathen


When you search for some info about the Serbian band Wolfram, you will find an interesting genre. Acid Metal. I think the interpretation is free, but for me, and after many rotations of “Music Of The Heathen”, I came to this conclusion: Wolfram is heavy, trippy, and beautiful. Mastodon, Tool and Kyuss came to my mind. Are you convinced?

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GrasscutEveryone Was A Bird


Meet this amazing duo from Brighton. Grasscut plays Ambient/Post Rock/Experimental music. With harmonized vocals. And it’s beautiful.

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Rolo TomassiGrievances


I wasn’t sure if I should include Rolo Tomassi in this list. I mean, they are kind of famous in the scene, and many of you know them. But everyone should know them. Greivances is simply one of the best records in 2015, and the intensity is on its own level.

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Delta SleepTwin Galaxies


Besides the two big Japanese Math Rock outputs, Toe and Mouse On The Keys, Delta Sleep’s Twin Galaxies is my favorite in this genre in 2015. The punky, rough attitude is very special and the overall sound is extraordinary. A must-listen, even for people who haven’t had any contact with Math Rock.

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BrontosaurusOur Animal Ways


The perfect weird cocktail, including Experimental, Progressive, Indie Rock, Post Punk, and Art Rock. Brontosaurus are kind of bulky, but give them a change, you won’t regret it.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1113393949 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

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And There Stand EmpiresIII


It’s all about atmosphere. Jazzy Post Rock with Math Rock elements, and a very strange mood. Playful and exalted, And There Stand Empires stay down to earth and reach for the stars.

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Psithurism – Sparkles


Beautiful Trip Hop. I recommended this to a very good friend, and hours later I received this message: “These songs, full volume on my speakers. The whole world has to listen to this”.

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Time King – Suprœ


These guys are what I’m looking for when I crawl through the  internet searching new music. Every note says: “We’re a bunch of friends, and we having fun and playing music together” Unique, fresh, complex, and catchy. A real diamond. Modern Progressive Rock done right.

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Easily the ugliest cover I’ve seen this year. But one of the best Djent releases. This album has everything.

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Sea In The SkyVisions


It Djents loves Sea In The Sky. Pure zeitgeist. Pop Punk influenced vocals, catchy, plini-esque melodies and and a goofy atmosphere. <3

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Rew – Olive Skinned, Silver Tongued Sirens Sing Swan Songs


46 likes. This guy, who released one of the most beautiful records I’ve heard in the last month, has only 46 likes on Facebook. This stuff is dreamy, trippy and versatile. Everyone who is into MUSIC should listen to this!

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Woah. I’m weary, that was a long list. Hopefully you find something new and support the artists.



  1. Luke Cilia

    30 August, 2015 at 3:02 am

    Most of these do not djent.

  2. Zack Mautner

    30 August, 2015 at 5:38 am


  3. Luka Radulović

    30 August, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    Wolfram. Damn.

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