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Fan Submission: Veronika Klimonova – Photographer

Name: Veronika Klimonova

Nickname: Werdza (read as verdja).

About Veronika

She is from a small country in Europe, Slovakia.  Her life is mostly about photography and music and she loves it. In addition to shooting concerts she loves shooting weddings, reportage, people and her black cat. Veronika’s favourite music genres are progressive metal, djent, post metal and post rock. She first started to take pictures with a compact camera, for her friends bands.

Photography Style

In her photos she loves to play with moments, emotions, play of light and shadow, silhouettes and reflections. She prefers black and white images.


Veronika’s first slr was Canon eos 450D, which is now is her reserve camera. Currently she shoots with Canon eos 5D mark II.

Lenses: Canon 50 mm f1.4, Canon 17-50 f2.8, Canon 70-200 f2.8, Samyang and 14 mm f2.8.

Flashes: Two external flashes Canon 430 EX II, with tripods and white umbrellas, it is good for bands promo shoots.

At concerts she uses flash only, when doing photos in order for band and in club is very bad light.

Cool Fact: Her birthday comes up only every four years on the 29th of February.


Bring me the horizonBring Me the Horizon, May 23rd 2013, Club: Majestic music club, Bratislava Slovakia.

Meshuggah 1Meshuggah, April 27th 2013, club: Majetsic music club, Bratislava, Slovakia.

I saw for the first time Meshuggah and I was very happy. I love this picture because it is an interesting with wide 14mm lens.

Protest the hero

 Protest the Hero, July 2nd 2014, club: Majetsic music club, Bratislava, Slovakia.

I love this shot, because it is a minimal composition, some lights.

Vildhjarta 2

 Vildhjarta, August 10th 2012, Festival: Brutal assault, Fortress Josefov, Czech Republic.

I I love this portrait of the vocalist Daniel. The best thing about this picture that made me really happy was that the band wanted the original sized pictures, to be used in magazine features.

W. Pictures of me

First shot is my selfportrait, second portrait is my selfie with Oli from Monuments.

There is a story to this selfie.: After the Monuments concert, the guitarist Oli came to me and said, “Lets take a selfie.“ I took a picture and told him that the lighting was bad, he replied saying “No light, I am nigga.“

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