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One more week. On February 23rd and 24th we are heading to Complexity Fest in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Wondering why?

Well, there are plenty of reasons:


Let’s start with the headliner. SikTh are probably one of the most appreciated acts in modern progressive metal. With their stand out records The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild and Death Of A Dead Day, the London-based group heavily influenced the djent movement. That being said, SikTh are one of those reasons we are here at It Djents. Last year they came back, after releasing their Opacities EP in 2015, with a new full length called The Future In Whose Eyes. Trust me, SikTh are indeed a very worthy headliner for a fest like this one!


It’s been a long time since I started listening to Carnifex. They have always had something that separated them from other deathcore bands. I’ve been enjoying their music for many years now and I’m excited to see them live! How about you?

The Faceless

The Faceless finally made it to Europe. They came out their new record In Becoming A Ghost last year (read our review here) and finally found a steady (at least hopefully) lineup. Are you stoked for their show? I somehow hope to hear some older Akeldama / Planetary Duality tunes as well, as this was the phase when I got into them!


Honestly, do I need to say something about our beloved Danish boys? Don’t miss them, maybe they are going to play some new tunes!

Three Trapped Tigers

Are you ready for some electronic influenced math rock? It you are a fan of instrumental and progressive music in general, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy their set.

The Hirsch Effekt

This is probably my favorite German band at the moment due to the release of Eskapist last year (which made our AOTY list). Enjoy the chaotic mixture of synth pop, mathcore, prog metal and indie. They also played my favourite set on Euroblast!


Are you into black metal? Yes? Do you enjoy dissonant tunes similar to old War From A Harlots Mouth? That’s great! You will love what Dodecahedron do! Heavy, nasty and aggressive, they will close Complexity on Friday in the most brutal way you could imagine.

God Mother

I know you are probably sad about The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s dissolution. However, it sounds like these Swedish guys were mentored by them. I had the chance to visit Brutal Assault, as well as DEP‘s last European tour, and got to catch God Mother both times. Their show was beyond heavy. Prepare for some crowd action and heavy performing artists. CAUTION: Beware of the singer! No, honestly, this is a great live band!

The Voynich Code

I still remember finding about those guys a long time ago. Hailing from Portugal, they are currently supporting The Faceless on their tour. If you are into Born Of Osiris‘ old stuff, paired with Eastern-influenced synthesizers and heavy grooves, you will simply love this band. Stoked to finally see them live!


These Dutch dudes released one of the most thrilling death metal records of 2017. Their self titled debut is able to compete with bigger acts and stand out with a very gritty and heavy sound. Get ready for those riffs!

If these aren’t reasons enough for you, let me tell you that Patronaat in Haarlem is probably one of the best venues you will visit. There are a lot of local bands as well as others that weren’t mentioned earlier. The full lineup consists of:

SikTh, Carnifex, The Faceless, VOLA, Sithu Aye, John Frum, The Hirsch Effekt, Three Trapped Tigers, Disentomb, Aversions Crown, UlsectDodecahedron, Oceano, PoiL, Blanck Mass, Employed To Serve, Barst, Knalpot, The Voynich Code, The Dali Thundering Concept, Helium Horse Fly, Dodheimsgard, Chiraw, God Mother, Cabal, Toska, Gizäh, Kaoteon and IDEK.

Here is the full time schedule:

Complexity Friday

Complexity Friday

Complexity Saturday

Complexity Saturday

Tickets are on sale. You can get tickets for Friday and/or Saturday, as well as the combination ticket here! Make sure to follow Complexity on Facebook as well! See you at Complexity? Party with me; I’m turning 24 while Three Trapped Tigers are playing!


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