NEWS: Archspire Premier New Song And Music Video

Good news today for those of you of the more extreme persuasion, as Canadian technical death metal heavyweights Archspire unveil a brand new song from their upcoming record Relentless Mutation. The song is entitled “Calamus Will Animate”, and is accompanied by a music video in the style of a traditional karaoke setting, depicting vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron performing the song in the studio, with the lyrics appearing on the screen.

The song itself is a portrayal of everything we’ve come to expect from Archspire; masterful displays of circular breathing to accommodate terrifyingly uptempo vocals, abundant arpeggio sweep sections from the guitarists in addition to a face-melting solo, sauntering bass-lines, and drummer Spencer Prewett pulling off gravity blasts and double kick patterns at speeds exceeding 300BPM. So in summary, pretty damn crazy. As for the video, it has to be acknowledged that the format is rather amusing and entertaining, particularly given the contrast from the nature of the music. To view it for yourself, follow the link below…

This premier marks the fourth unveiling of a new song from the new album, the priors being “Involuntary Doppelgänger”, “Human Murmuration”, and “Remote Tumour Seeker”. The record is officially set for a September 22nd release, and will be published via Season Of Mist. 

Pre-orders and merch bundles are available now, and can be browsed here.

In addition, you can follow the band on Facebook, to keep up with all the latest news.

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