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It Djents: “Introspection​.Self​-​Actualization” Compilation

On January 12th we officially opened up submissions for our “Introspection/Self-Actualisation” compilation. We were flooded with plenty submissions and carefully considered our choices, searching through music like the artists searched their souls in the songs. We looked deep within our musical minds to pick the ones who looked deep within theirselves also and this is the result . We hope you enjoy this compilation and reflect on awesome music as well as yourselves.

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: http://itdjents.bandcamp.com/
Wide Eyes – Doors Of Perception

“We wrote our submission with several ideas in mind when we first started tracking this song. We believe the concept behind ‘Doors of Perception’ is that each and every one of us are on a one way road through our lives, yet that road has many obstacles. We can choose to stay on the main road, but that can only be determined based on choice. Each obstacle that we face, whatever the circumstance may be, can be overcome in many ways, yet the way we perceive each obstacle can potentially change the way we make our choices. Ultimately, life presents us with many opportunities and decisions to make, and it is up to us to open door after door with a clear perception and continue down the main road of life.”

Between The Planets – Immersion Into The Unknown

“The process of composing new songs is for me (among other things) time when I have the opportunity to delve into the calm depths of infinite space of my own mind, forget the time, and discover new possibilities for themselves … pleasant immersion into the unknown .. ”
– Martin

Coat Of Arms – Black Holes

Black Holes was actually one of the first songs written for the new album, which is almost 2 years ago now! The song is extremely personal as it represents both a true story and an actualization that I think needs to be made in such times.
The song is actually written in the chronological order of how this self-actualization happens. Starting with my beginning, then into the moment of realization, and then the post-reflections I have to help others through the same thing.
The meaning behind the song is made to mirror the vocal style. The verses and bridge represent the development and individual growth, while the singing outlines what problem the growls are trying to solve. It’s actually a flip of how the normal person hears these vocal styles. Before the last chorus, we purposely added that little clean section where it sounds like I’m actually in a black hole, and I sing “so take me back in time”. This particular time I say it has a completely different meaning to the other times it is sang. As individual as the music of the song drastically changes to the clean section, so does the meaning. In this line, the take me back in time is capturing the moment itself where all the pity and spite was. It’s a back-flash, a time-warp back to the subject, to the moment where you create black holes. Hence the sound of the abyss-like effects that sound like you are in that black hole, the defining yet silent frame in the climax of a movie. The song, and the black hole, start to close in on itself as the end of the song zooms back in, and we are back to addressing the problem with the chorus.
The song warps back to the present and re-iterates the self-actualization made.


CHEO – Supersonality

“Supersonality has a weird and in some way funny story involved in it. The song is about a superhero who is suffering from bipolar disorder, and can’t choose if he is a “good guy” or a “bad guy”. But when it comes to lyrics, you can’t really see the superhero story in them (which is what we aimed for). You can connect it with stress, depression, frustration, and many other feelings, everyone do it their own way. The song musically mixes chuggy breakdowns, hardcore-ish parts and melodic parts together.”


Stargazer – Desideratum

“Desideratum was the first track we wrote together as Stargazer, it’s basically about looking inside your self, find what you want out of life, and find a way to make it happen. It’s meant to be very inspirational and obviously it has a really positive vibe to it, lyrically and just the sound in general. When we first started writing it was in minor and sounded very dark, but our guitarist Eric tried it in a major scale and it sounded beautiful and we all loved it and it just stuck. Desideratum (DEH-SID-UR-AY-TUM) is a latin word which can be translated into multiple meanings and interpretations, much like how we want people to derive their own meanings and interpretations from our songs. but in it’s simplest form, desideratum is a want or need for something, something you strive for.”


Aileen Wuornos – Exogenesis

“When composing Exogenesis we had in mind and wanted the lyrics to reflect the theory that human life has been brought to us from another the edge of the universe. That every living being was indoctrinated by a superior force but it was only a matter of time for men to wake up from that manipulation. Only then we would really be prepared to reveal and become self-sufficient.”


Transcend – Shattered

“The song is about trying to find your true self searching deep within.
the verse give the feeling of searching inside yourself, the per-chorus is designed to give the feeling that you can see the light from all the darkness inside, where as the chorus represents the feeling of acceptance.
the breakdown represents the breakdown of that dark foundation crumbling and your darkness turning into light. (basically becoming yourself and embracing yourself)”


Recalibrater – The Omniscient One

“The first half of the song lyrics were actually written down in my high school days around the age of 16 and wasn’t completed until mid-last year. The actually song itself was composed in early 2010 just sitting at home throwing around complex riff ideas with simple melodies. The intro and ending wasn’t created until over a year later and was originally just the segment from 1:15-3:34 which I felt needed to be re-recorded at the time then suddenly realized it was missing an introduction.

The album concept is about an android and his endeavors as it battles a virus taking control of and destroying all the systems that run a planet that would otherwise be barren without them. In turn after all it’s efforts he is left in defeat and has no choice but to abandon it’s world. I took much inspiration from an old game called Phantasy Star IV that I still love to play all over again to this very day.

The song “The Omniscient One” is the android realizing it is indeed something else that does not belong to a world anymore that the human race has tortured and ravaged a planet until it cannot sustain life on it’s own. Through this it is no longer under command of anyone but itself and It has no regards for their loss due to their hateful and sinful ways.

After self-destructing it only reconstructs itself and develop a sense of self-awareness that it is far more powerful and capable than any being or tasks it has ever been given throughout its cycle. It then embarks on a journey into space giving itself it’s own directives.”

– Aaron Latanzi


Sequence Of Discord – Dreams Come True

“This song was written in a long ongoing period of time because in the process, we experienced trouble within the band. There were questions to be answered about the members and whether we would continue making music together. Everything seemed to go over the edge, but that was how the song was written. The song is about the 3 months of how much happened in our lives, the concerns, and taking decisions that THIS is going to continue. We will go on creating, fulfilling our dreams, and persistently moving towards our own goals”


Fountainhead – I Do And I Will

“I wrote “I do and I will” when I was 17 or 18 years old after the structure and overall sound of the song had come to me in a dream. The music in the dream seemed to be somewhat of an embodiment of my emotional state at that point (just as good music should be): vulnerable, a bit cocky and over-ambitious, not yet sure what I wanted from life and from people (hey, I was a teenager after all!). Most of what people now regard as “my style” first appeared in dreams or “sound images” in my head and, being self-thaught, I«ve spent years to aquire the necessary skills to make those “visions” into actual music. This specific song became sort of a blueprint for what “Fountainhead” is about: Lots of fretless guitars (both lead and rhythm), extended song structures, orchestral sections very much influenced by the works of Stravinsky or Reich, mixing “live”-drums with treated sounds, loops and “guitar-percussion” (percussive sounds played on the guitar in various ways) and so forth.
I knew that if I could imagine myself doing it, I«d be able to eventually make that sort of music, hence the title “I do and I will”, a phrase that comes from the novel “Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. In the book, it«s actually the name of a self-made millionaires yacht, but for me it sense as kind of a “mission-statement”, because everyone who I would tell what exactly I was planning to do musically laughed at the idea that I would ever make the music I described. Well, to make a long story short: I did.
So from all of my songs it«s probably the one where the listener can get the most insight into “what makes me tick” as a musician and a human being.”

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