What we're Djamming

What We’re Djamming Vol. 1

What We're Djamming

Despite the fact that us It Djents contributors are pretty booked up when it comes to music listening due to reviews and things like that, we obviously still like to put on some tunes from time to time that don’t dj0nt quite as hard as what we write about here. With What We’re Djamming, we’re giving our writers a chance to share what they’ve been listening to in their downtime just for the fun of it, and because one of you, our readers, might stumble upon something worthwhile that you wouldn’t find otherwise. Stream what we’ve been listening to via the Youtube playlist above.

10917555_10153061992834595_854181275_nSrishti is DjammingArchitects – Lost Forever / Lost Together

“I’m just going to start off with LF//LT because this is the first list we’re doing and I want to fan girl over the album one last time before I move on from it. I chose C.A.N.C.E.R. because Tom Searle deserves the tribute for writing such a beautiful album that’s so aggressive and so emotional at the same time!”

9499_909275072430008_817001537492667593_nDillon is Djamming: Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Piano Nights

“I have never heard any more serene and pure in my entire life, this album makes me feel like im floating, as well it reincarnated my love of spacey, post rock type music.”


Julie is DjammingSilverstein – This Is How The Wind Shifts

“Silverstein’s release of “This Is How The Wind Shifts” makes me feel like they took everything that made me love them when I was 13 and made it mature with me. There isn’t a single track that I can ever skip and this album hasn’t left my car’s stereo since it’s release date.”


Sergio is Djamming: A Lot Like Birds – No Place

“Raw emotion and technically draw me to this band, and this track in particular”


Jess is Djamming: Every Time I Die – Ex Lives

“I can’t hear this song and not have it stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I have a lot of love for ETID, and From Parts Unknown was one of the best releases of 2014.”


Chris is DjammingPeter Jackson – Gift Rap

Chris likes the Prom King song with Riff Raff and really wants Riff Raff to be the new vocalist of A fucking A.

Inter is DjammingToe – Cut_DVD10357806_702658756488966_6232513303170481146_n

“My sentence is: <3. Otherwise: this is better than the crappy shit you listen to.

Love, Inter.”

10917813_1015530345130069_5982365472413562018_n-225x300Sean is Djamming – A Wilhelm Scream – Career Suicide

“I discovered this band a while back and while all their material is at least worth listening to, this album is their masterpiece, far and away. Fast, aggressive, yet somewhat poppy punk with some of the catchiest vocal parts I’ve ever heard.”

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