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Weekly Featured Artist: Amarionette

Amarionette is a 5-piece post-hardcore/rock group from the one and only, Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon finding the first of many songs from them, they also provided a rather stunning array of vocal melodies and chord progressions that were certainly repeat-worthy. For those (such as myself) who like specifics, they are a pleasant mix of AlesanaSaosin, and Dance Gavin Dance. For prog fans (also including myself), they still carry that same very underground, dynamic musical concoction that Periphery is known for, perfect for a party soundtrack or driving down the road.

For some reason, Amarionette seems like the kind of band that Michael Jackson would sing for if he was into post-hardcore, and we aren’t complaining. That kind of cross-genre influence and sound is not commonly found in today’s unsigned metal and rock. It would not be surprising to see them playing a Warped Tour-style festival, a prog festival, and something in-between all within the same year. As much as we all love the complicated, sometimes morbid archetypes of death metal and djent, we all need some energetic major chords to inspire our day as well, and Amarionette puts a unique spin on lots of the pop-rock-infused chord progressions and vocal patterns that leave you wanting to sing and bang your head just as much as Spencer Sotelo himself.

To tell us more about his lively and upbeat rock ensemble, Amarionette singer, Quin White, revealed some more into what gives the band such a pleasant zeal:

For me a lot of my musical influences stem from pretty much anything Anthony Green has done while a part of Circa Survive, Saosin, The Sound of Animals Fighting, and two of my biggest vocal influences: Michael Jackson and Hayley Williams from Paramore. Pretty much anything with a unique melody or structure musically I’m a fan of whether it’s technical or incredibly simple. Our band tries to draw influence from all of those different things. Inspiration for me to write comes out of life, [I’ve] written a lot about ex-girlfriends, which is kinda funny now looking back on it because they actually like the songs that are written about them which is good for me [laughs], as well as my outlook on life, faith and etc. 

In the original line up, I had been asked to come up with a ton of names, all of them pretty dumb at the time. Then I came up with the phrase as a name, “March of the Marionettes”. That got shortened to just “Marionettes” and because our original drummer said something funny about seahorses reproducing asexually, I put an “a” on it and we came up with Amarionette. Originally I had come up with the meaning for the name being that and a marionette was just a puppet independent from strings like an “anti-puppet”. It’s stupid and that’s why we kind of don’t even reference that now [laughs].

White also gave us the rundown on the gear that the band uses:

We use all types of gear. AJ’s rig consists of the 6505+ with a Mesa cabinet while using PRS and LTD guitars. Nick uses the EVH 5150III head through a Marshall 425A Cabinet, and primarily plays a Fender Strat and Warmoth Partscaster. Ron uses an Aguilar head and cab, while rocking a fender and FJN basses. We record all of our demos through Reaper or Pro Tools.

Amarionette also has quite the stacked performing schedule for the rest of the year as well:

We have the “South By So What?!” fest as well as a tour coming up with Kurt Travis and Eidola, just a short little run on the West Coast down to the festival and backup and then hopefully later and the summer will get back out on the road as quick as possible. We just released the album repeating history a few months ago but we are starting to work on your demos!

Check out music from Amarionette on their Bandcamp! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to catch them on tour with Kurt Travis and Eidola this March!


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