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There are things so dark and ominous you barely dare speak of them. Among these things is the brooding San Francisco sludge outfit Body Void. Today It Djents dares an expedition in the depths of this darker-than-black territory.

We talked to Will Ryan, who is the vocalist and guitarist for this experimental project. Ryan stated that music was always an important for all of them. Personally, he stated that he didn’t take writing seriously until he was nineteen. When he started though, it felt natural and gave him a way to express himself.

‘The direct emotional nature of it feels limitless in a way’.

After some time, Ryan wanted to do more. He wanted to give his vision a form. Parker Ryan and him were in a band together in the late 2000s on the east coast called Neon Magus that was already heading into the direction of heavy psych/noise rock stuff, but school took them in different directions and Parker moved across the country to the Bay Area. Ryan moved there a few years later and they decided to start playing music again. Eddie Holgerson was a friend of Parker and the three of them naturally started playing together for fun before everything came together. Little did they know how welcoming the Bay Area music scene was, which encouraged them to start taking the music more seriously.

But what is Body Void? Well, let’s start with the name. Body Void is a term that should evoke gender dysphoria and simultaneously creates a connection between body and cosmos as they are one with each other.

Now that this is out of the way, what does Body Void actually sound like? Here’s the interesting part: Their music has a violent, abrasive, almost primal nature to it, yet it is intriguing and can be very intelligent. The band listed David Lynch as one of their influences for their music and you can see that. Under what is essentially the crustiest, most archaic scream of an instrument shot through a Sunn amp, hides a little genius. The band uses feedback and tiny nuances like instruments deftly woven into their composition. You might need a few listens through their newest album, but you will find them eventually. It is small secrets like this that make their music so rewarding, like lifting the secret of Body Void.

When asked about their approach to this uncommon compositional, they had this to say:

‘It’s definitely something we work at and are very intentional about. With the new album especially, we put a lot of time in constructing the atmosphere. The guitars and vocals are core to the sound, but we try to make music that feels bigger than just three people playing instruments and instead create something the listener can feel immersed in’.

The lyrics and the theme for this music are inspired by David Lynch who I mentioned before and Andrei Tarkovsky, as well as multiple works of art that explore human experiences like grief and desire on a cosmic scale.

I hope this has been brain fodder for you as a reader as much as it has been for me as an interviewer. On that note I want to thank Body Void and I wish them all the best for future endeavors.

Body Void is…

Will Ryan – Guitar/Vocals/Keys
Parker Ryan – Bass
Edward Holgerson – Drums

You can follow Body Void on Facebook as well as on Bandcamp

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