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One of the greatest joys for a music lover is discovering something new that instantly resonates with your sensibilities. With the highly saturated landscape of modern heavy music, it seems like the gems are increasingly harder to find. Here at It Djents we do our part to make your Monday a little better by finding them for you. We then we serve them to our readers on a silver platter with our Weekly Featured Artist column. This week, we bring you a melodic sledgehammer in the form of DIVISIONS.

DIVISIONS is a five piece post metal/core outfit from Salt Lake City, Utah. The band is the brainchild of drummer Chris Suitt, who was looking to let off some creative steam between projects in November of 2014. I asked Chris if he’d be willing to describe what lead to the foundation of the group and he had this to say:

‘It was honestly just a low key project since I was in between bands at the time. I’m primarily a drummer but every once in awhile I pick up a guitar and mess around with some riff ideas. I had written the song lost souls, which was to be our first single; and decided to approach Chris Darnell since he was interested in recording this idea. He later became a full time guitar player for DIVISIONS. After the idea started getting printed and solidified, we approached the rest of the members.’

The band set out to hone their distinct sound: A seamless blend of metalcore, post hardcore, and heavily melodic elements that make for a beautiful, dynamic, and hard-hitting experience. The band obviously draws their clean vocals and some instrumental parts from the hardcore and post hardcore wells of inspiration; this blends perfectly with their vicious metalcore style and results in something novel. DIVISIONS is composed of talented musicians who understand that sometimes less is more. They get that dialing back in one place gives you license to slam the throttle in others.

DIVISIONS expertly walk the line between softness and savagery with their music. The guitarists make judicious use of heavy, bouncing riffs that harken back to the heart of metalcore, juxtaposing these heavy elements with soaring melodies and creative rhythms that defy many of the conventions the genre typically imposes. Jimmy Cudahy employs his vocal chops to create a turbulent frontline while the band works to push and pull like a high tide. These duelling elements work spectacularly, and contribute to the high quality of the songs. The band has definitely done a fantastic job at differentiating themselves from the throngs of other bands out there; their unique take on a genre that many would call played out is refreshing.

They worked hard to establish a presence in the burgeoning Utah metal scene by putting successful hometown shows. DIVISIONS then followed up on this success by embarking on a series of tours with larger acts such as Darkness Divided, Everyone Dies in Utah, and A War Within, which only helped them build a lot of momentum for their upcoming release, Return to Silence. The eponymous single “Return to Silence” was released in April of this year, and it is an excellent snapshot of what DIVISIONS have to offer.

Curiosity got the better of me, so I took the opportunity to ask Chris about the status of the album. He told me that it’s in the remastering stage. The band actually recorded it previously in his basement, they’re just trying to polish it. I was fortunate enough to get to listen to some of the tracks, and they’re incredibly solid. Return to Silence is sure to be a banger, and we cannot wait to hear it.


Chris Suitt – Drums

Jimmy Cudahy – Vocals

Chris Darnell – Guitar

Nic Osterhout – Guitar/Vocals

Nate Hill – Bass/Vocals

You can find more from DIVISIONS on their official website, Facebook, and their Youtube channel.

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