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We start off the month of September with Pennsylvania-based post-hardcore band, The Drowned God. The group describes itself as one who takes “influence from post-hardcore to create music that’s both emotive and atmospheric”, yet possesses a uniquely threatening personality. One would attribute the auditory dichotomy to the combination of influences that are detectable within the band’s music. For fans of melodic and thought-provoking rock with an affinity for minor chords and melancholy motifs, The Drowned God is for you.

With song titles like “Nighttime Lips” and “Darkness Comes Early Down Here” off a debut album titled Moonbearer, a listener can already notice the sentimental spookiness laden within the band’s core. Instrumentally, there almost seems to be a Silent Hill-type vibe, transporting the listener to a downtrodden and eerie place mentally. Add in the vacant screams and gentle clean vocals, and The Drowned God invokes a plethora of feelings and memories as cold-hearted as the name suggests. The group could easily appeal to fans of modern, emotional post-hardcore such as Being As An Ocean and Silent Planet, while possessing visual attributes of dark hardcore or even black metal. In my opinion, they are the ideal go-to for an insomniac’s 3 AM cigarette on the back porch.

Their debut full-length album, Moonbearer, is full of deep-seated psychological subjugation set amidst a scene of forlorn notation as the band collectively holds the hand of the listener through forty minutes of relatable music, regardless of personal hardship. They portray a very visual representation of the lyrics as every transition and riff accents the emotional journey that The Drowned God prides themselves in expressing. They have done an excellent job accentuating their musical style through their photos, media, and especially with their “Nighttime Lips” music video, reinforcing the notion that The Drowned God sticks to the shadows.

The Drowned God is:

Vocals – Cody Golob

Guitar – Brandon Baun

Guitar – Lucas Dunn

Bass – Brian E. Brennan

Drums – Dan Scanlon

Check out The Drowned God on their Facebook and Official Website, and purchase Moonbearer on their Bandcamp!

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