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WEEKLY FEATURED ARTIST: Mazze + “Skyeater” Song Premiere

This week’s It Djents featured artist is Mazze. We are happy to not only feature them during the week of their album release but also premiere the single “Skyeater” off the band’s forthcoming album Zeal. Check out the whole feature and premiere below. Interview portions of this feature were edited for clarity as the original context remains. 

Mazze is a 3 piece progressive metal outfit hailing from São Paulo, Brazil. Juninho Silva, founding member and producer, started Mazze as a solo project in 2012 and later recruited second guitarist Eduardo Hiroshi and drummer Lufe Marconde to forge the current band that is Mazze. Silva goes onto describe the band’s origins and history:

“Well, Mazze began in the middle of 2012. After listening to great progressive metal artists like Animal as Leaders and Periphery, whom I grew to love, I came up with the desire to create a project aimed at this style. I became more confident in Mazze knowing that there was a virtual scene surrounding this kind of music online. The band was officially formed in 2013 and remains active to this day.”

Mazze is set to release their 2017 debut album Zeal this week. Silva gave me an overview of the writing process behind their new album Zeal.

“Our new album, Zeal, was born naturally. I stopped for a while to study music and improve on the instrument. Through these studies, I had been writing some parts, riffs, chords that would be interesting to use in the future. In 2015, I was in the dark side of my life, where the most tense and chaotic tracks of the album appeared, in my opinion, like “Heartless.”

Silva continues to describe the line up and how Mazze became a full band:

“In the middle of this process, Eduardo Hiroshi joined the band as second guitarist. He is trained in classical music and this helped to give some touches on the new album such as keyboards, orchestrations, acoustic guitars, etc. Lufe Marcondes joined the band at the end of Zeal‘s writing process but he also had a few touches, and the drums are all signed by him. The pre-production was done simultaneously with writing so  Zeal had already been developed and recorded. The initial plan was to create an EP but that quickly turned into a full album.”

Most of Mazze‘s music is written by Silva but the other members do have a significant voice in the creative process. Silva gives me a quick rundown on the recording process of Zeal:

“I have a home studio where I work on productions, mixing, recordings, etc. It’s not difficult for us to register our own material. We had some sessions together and we recorded and mixed most of the album in a few months. The mastering and re-amp was done on behalf of Marcelo Braga from Vitalism; we are great friends, and we trust fully in his work, and we are very happy with the final result.”

Mazze is heavily influenced by progressive acts like Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Intervals, The Contortionist, and their friends in Vitalism. For those interested in gear, we asked the band to give us a rig rundown of equipment that was used on their new album Zeal. Silva gives us some key pieces of gear that defines Mazze‘s sound:

“On this album, we used the Axe Fx II for rhythm guitars and Positive Grid BIAS for solos, cleans, and effects. I love the Positive Grid plugin and when I bought it I was sure to put it to good use. As far as guitars go, we use Ibanez RG550 6 strings, a Telecaster Tagima T505 (Brazilian brand), and my Tagima strat.”

We believe Mazze has a lot of potential and gave their new album a positive review that you can check out here. Don’t forget to like and follow the band on FacebookMazze‘s new album Zeal drops tomorrow, March 7th, and will be available to purchase digitally online.

Stream Mazze‘s new single entitled “Skyeater” straight off Zeal exclusively on It Djents below.

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