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Weekly Featured Artist: Odyssey

It’s always a blood-pumping moment when a band that you don’t expect to djent unexpectedly djents, and Odyssey have many pleasantly impetuous twists and turns in their music. Hailing from Spokane, Washington, the progressive instrumental trio cannot be nailed down to one single genre. In the world of prog metal, we are all too accustomed to having an all-out assault from every direction that can be almost exhausting, yet satisfying, to us djent-lovers. What makes Odyssey stand out is their recognition for pure, straightforward music with hooks and catchy elements for listeners of all kinds of rock while staying true to their love of prog.

Don’t let me fool you: Odyssey aren’t afraid to pack a punch when the time is right. Just as a good epic story weaves through different settings and scenes, their latest record, Voids, keeps listeners intrigued with every varying song; they are quite the journey indeed. The clean, instrumental feel is for fans of Scale the Summit and Plini, especially when they divert to an odd time signature or throw in some jazzy riffage, yet they possess a harder, more direct feel akin to Tool and Dream Theater. Just as those bands can change the entire direction of a song on a dime, Odyssey have the tendency to catch listeners off guard as well. Other times, to put it simply, they just want to jam. In fact, when we spoke with the band about their career so far, they mentioned that they started off doing just that:

Writing songs usually starts with the 3 of us jamming on a riff and seeing what develops from it. No one ever comes to practice with a fully written song, we each have ideas that we contribute to the writing process. We began in 2007 because we enjoyed jamming together and it quickly took off from there. Since 2007 we’ve released 3 full length albums and 3 EPs. 

We all liked the way “Odyssey” sounded and thought it was a word that encompassed our sound well. It gives us room to experiment musically and doesn’t pigeonhole us.

The band’s affiliation for crossing genres or not adhering to any genre at all is what makes their style so unique. Frequently throughout Voids I found myself changing how I would define their sound. Part of that is surely due to their wide range of influences:

Jerrick Crites – Older influence is Dream Theater. Lately his influence has been Snarky Puppy.
Lukas Hilker – Mike Mangini, Neil Peart, and Virgil Donati.
Jordan Hilker – Dream Theater and Rush are two of his main influences. Beyond that, listening to a wide variety of music from many genres, from Metal to Electronic, Blues, Jazz, and more.

They also did a run-down of their gear as well as the foreseeable future for Odyssey:

Jordan – Bass: Fender P Bass Special run through an Ampeg SVT-350 with SHS cabs (1X15 & 4X10). Pedals – Sansamp & Bigmuff Pi. Strings – DR Hi-Beams.
Lukas – Drums: Pearl Vision Series Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Heads, and Pro Mark sticks.
Jerrick – Guitar: G&L ASAT Black Ice model, Mesa Boogie 2 Channel Dual Rectifier, Mesa 4X12 Road King Cab. Pedals – In front of the amp – Greenie Tube Screamer. In the loop – Boss DD20 Delay.

Our plans this year are to finish writing our 4th full length. Currently we have about half of the new album written. We don’t plan to tour in 2017, just play shows when we’re able to. This is a special year for us as it is our 10th year as a band. We are planning to do a special 10 year anniversary show this Summer to celebrate the accomplishment.

Find Void by Odyssey available for purchase on their Bandcamp website.

Follow the band on Facebook and stay tuned for the new album!

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