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It’s not an easy task to create art that spans over multiple genres, concocting something beautiful that people from multiple backgrounds can enjoy and love. It Djents newest Weekly Featured Artist is no stranger to this concept though. With a clear goal in mind and a lot of musical skill, Ill set out to create The Clockwork Deity, a musical projects that seeks to combine highly technical deathgrind with atmospheric symphonically flourishing arrangements.

But first there’s some explaining to do. The Clockwork Deity is a solo project by a musician known as Ill, who after not being able to find others who shared his vision, he started to make music on his own. So every instrument you hear is a thought pulled straight from his mind. Besides the obviously technical nature of the genre, it is still very noteworthy that his music is on an immense level of technicality and precision that took him years to accomplish, and they paid off.

Growing up on Metallica, Bullet for my Valentine, and others like them is something a lot of us can relate to in the context of liking metal and getting started in the genre. Though, after some time, Ill discovered grindcore and brutal death for himself, where he finally found his comfortable niche to reside in. This is where we finally come to the epiphany in this chapter. What is The Clockwork Deity? Ill saw a deity in one of his dreams and discovered, to his astonishment, that it was completely man made. After waking up he wrote his dream down and thus the lore around the name was born. After revealing this I asked him to describe his band in one word for me, and I’ll let the answer speak for itself: “Decay”.

By being a solo project, The Clockwork Deity is a very controlled environment to sprout ideas and let one creative mind build a world around a wondrous concept. Compositionally, the songs are extremely fast and can at first sound archetypical for the genre, but with the occurrence of classical instrumentation, the guitar and bass start to enter a territory where beautiful and strong melodies soar and prosper, but it all retains a very straight forward attitude. While being in a band is certainly something Ill misses, he also cherishes his creative control and the way he can realize his musical ideas:

“For me it’s almost always a blend of writing on the instrument and writing in theory. As a start, I’ll write down a basic structure that just denotes the kind of vibe I’d like each section to have, that way each song has a clear sense of direction before you’ve really began writing, and I find that helps me immensely! After that I’ll make a completely midi version of the song, which let’s me tweak and alter to my heart’s content and when I’m done it leaves me with a reference track and notation ready for recording.”

This approach really is a soil for the band to bloom on. While The Clockwork Deity only has an EP to present at the moment, another album is in the works and it will surely be just as stunning as his prior work. Until then It Djents wishes The Clockwork Deity all the best.

You can follow The Clockwork Deity on Facebook as well as on Bandcamp

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