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So it’s that time of week again, and don’t worry guys, we wholeheartedly believe that Mondays aren’t just for regrets, boredom and despair. We at It Djents are here to provide your weekly reminder that there’s still a world of high quality and virtually undiscovered music out there, and this week’s official featured artist doesn’t even vaguely deviate from that principle. So without further ado, we present to you the uncannily talented German quartet Time, The Valuator, a brand new outfit that are seamlessly combining technical metalcore with various elements of pop, classical, and much more.

To offer some more background, and to sum up in a nutshell, this is a band that has thus far not failed to surprise me in any way. As I mentioned before, Time, The Valuator can certainly be considered a brand new emergence in the scene, with just three songs released, and a modest (albeit growing) online following; however, what they’ve achieved with these three songs is rather unique. Rarely is a band able to intrigue and enthral an audience from the get-go, but these guys seem to have done exactly that, taking absolutely no half-measures in terms of quality, effort, and passion in their opening attempts. Clearly this is a considerably talented outfit, but even with that in the locker, developing a dedicated fan-base after just three singles would certainly be a tall order for most.

Furthermore, the sonic character of a band is of course pivotal to these kinds of qualities, and Time, The Valuator don’t disappoint on that front either; the easiest way to describe their approach would be a base structure of metalcore, with various progressive and technical influences thrown in, and a flurry of pinches from other genres, all topped off with beautifully-delivered clean vocals, boasting high notes of a similar calibre to Periphery‘s Spencer Sotelo. In all honesty, it’s rather a challenge to comprehensively describe the eclectic mash-up that this band offers, but trust me, it’s quite something.

In addition to being a big enthusiast for the band, I also took some time to pick the guys’ brains on all-things TTV, and starting from the top, they were able to formally introduce themselves to me. The current line-up consists of vocalist Phil Bayer, pianist and guitarist Rene Möllenbeck, second guitarist Cedric Dreyszas, and finally drummer Yunus Proch. In continuing to paint a picture of the band’s roots, the guys went on to run me through how their inception came about:

‘The whole thing started back in 2015 when Phil found Rene’s Cover of a Volumes song on Youtube. They’ve briefly known each other from playing local shows together in their former bands. It started out as a solo project, but with them both combining songwriting skills it became a band project. Shortly after, Yunus joined the team and after a lot of member changes we found our second guitar player Cedric’

Attempting to further the image of the band’s roots and how the project generally came about, we questioned the concept behind the band name, which is certainly an intriguing one for sure. Answering the question in a nutshell, this is what the guys said:

‘Time makes us realise what’s important, what we’re missing and what’s necessary in our lives. Things and experiences are actually precious if they have a lasting effect in our lives and memories. Otherwise the name can be seen as a critical standpoint towards society that increasingly measures time as some kind of currency, rendering effective work second-rate. That’s why we take our time to write the best material we can put out.’

In an attempt to delve further into the mind of the artist, we wanted to find out more about how Time, The Valuator approaches its creative processes, and what kind of influences are involved; an undeniably vital aspect of developing such an innovative an unique sound. Again, the guys gave me some valuable insight on the matter:

‘Mostly, Rene comes up with instrumental pieces and then a collaborative process of tweaking structure and layers begins. Every band member is part of that, adding personal signature. Concerning vocals, Phil comes up with the main ideas, sometimes Rene helps him out. So the writing consists of driving forces that are supported by the others as best as possible. Sometimes it takes longer and writing blocks happen all the time, but the products of that work are the best we could ever create as musicians so far.’

And in terms of influences:

‘We have influences from a lot of different genres and they’re always changing throughout the writing process, of course. Core influences would be Peter Gabriel, Thrice, Circa Survive, The 1975, Radiohead, Muse, TesseracT and a few others. Sometimes artists influence us without us realising it, so it always blends together into something fresh.’

So there you have it; a great bit of insight into how this band goes about their creative endeavours. All that remains is for you to check it out yourselves! Just to outline, Time, The Valuator‘s releases thus far consist of debut single “Elusive Reasons”, followed by the epic and bardic “When I Meet Death”, and finally their most recent release, “The Violent Sound”, which can be found via the link below.

To offer a summary of some kind, it should be clear from listening to these guys that Time, The Valuator are not only a young, promising and talented outfit, but also a band that has been able to achieve great things in a short period of time within their career. The songs, despite being their very first attempts, are clearly well-written and in good taste, and have provided them with the impact that any band would dream of making from an entire debut album.

When asked to describe themselves in one word, the band opted for ‘diverse’, a term that, while being simplistic, couldn’t be more accurate of the sound that this band deliver, and that is more poignant a summary of Time, The Valuator as I could provide myself. In even simpler terms, check these guys out; the overarching impression I get from their sound is that it has the potential to please a vast array of different metal fans. It seems that they’re currently in the kick-start period of their career, so there is no better time to start getting hyped for the debut album. In my humble opinion, this is a rare find; a thoroughly talented outfit, full of potential, that is just getting started. Don’t miss out!

Make sure to check out Time, The Valuator on Facebook, to keep up with everything related to new material and live performances. In addition, be sure to head to the band’s profile on Apple Music to purchase copies of their first three songs.

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