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Progress is just as much about learning from the past as looking towards the future. Tylor Dory Trio embodies this concept perfectly. The Edmonton, Alberta based group takes cues from such progressive giants as Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Coheed and Cambria, and Devin Townsend, while incorporating their distinct vision and exceptional musical talents.

The Canadian three-piece was founded under the name Illusive Man in 2012 by guitarist/vocalist Tylor Dory and drummer/backing vocalist Jonathan Webster. Tylor and Jonathan had been jamming together for nearly five years before the group’s inception, having met at an open jam covering Jimi Hendrix and other classic rock standards. After arrivals and departures of various members, bassist/backing vocalist Slava Fedossenko joined the group in 2013. Since that time, the group has released two EP’s: 2014’s Illusive Man and 2015’s Carried Away. Those two releases saw rapid growth in the band, shifting from a progressive death metal approach to an increasingly eclectic and nuanced sound. Dory’s powerful vocals and versatile lead lines are complemented by the rhythm section’s textured and technical touch. Their songwriting process is quite varied, incorporating anything from jamming as a full band to building on Tylor’s ideas, or rewriting and refining unfinished songs.

In addition to their impressive original songwriting, the trio has exercised their talents covering the towering epic “Achilles’ Last Stand” by Led Zeppelin. After the tragic death of Chris Cornell, the group made a tribute to the legendary Soundgarden vocalist by covering “Fell on Black Days”, from 1994’s Superunknown.

Soundgarden and Zeppelin contain two of Tylor’s all time favourite singers in Chris Cornell and Robert Plant. Besides those two, key influences include Porcupine Tree, Alice In Chains, Opeth, Rush, and Devin Townsend. These bands are all quite experimental in how they write, with interesting arrangements, chord changes and voicings, time signatures, harmonies, etc. The three of us get bored very easily, so these bands do a great job of keeping things interesting musically and lyrically. Certain groups such as Devin and AiC have been extremely impressive live, which we’ve been heavily influenced by as well.

The group is now in the process of recording their debut full-length record, having flown across the pond to Norway to work with esteemed producer and engineer Christer André Cederberg (22, Anathema, Tides From Nebula, Circus Maximus) on the new album. Their relationship with Cederberg began when he handled mixing duties for Carried Away (which was mastered by the legendary Jens Bogren). However, their upcoming release is the first of theirs with production duties handled by the Norwegian soundsmith:

… when he suggested we fly to Kristiansand, Norway and stay at his studio for a few days, we jumped at the opportunity. This allowed him to take a more hands-on approach with us, and utilize his talents as a producer and engineer in person. It went even better than expected, we got along fabulously and he really went above and beyond to capture sounds we were all happy with. We will be releasing a documentary of our experience in Norway around the time of the album to let people in to this wonderful experience.

The follow up to Carried Away is likely be the group’s most ­­­fleshed-out release yet: ‘We have focused our songwriting, so it is more concise and hook-based vs 9 minute noodles… The Carried Away EP did a good job of showcasing the extremes of our sound, whereas it was missing a lot of other important aspects that we’ve really focused on for this album.‘ But what does the future hold for Tylor Dory Trio? The Albertan group are seeking the best team possible through which to release their debut LP, and hope to tour the United States and Europe in support of the album after its tentative fall release:

The 3 of us are quite career minded and can see a long, productive future with this band… We love writing and playing music together so we don’t foresee too many personal issues coming up, which makes committing to a future together much easier.

You can check out Tylor Dory Trio on various media, including their website, Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Apple Music.

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1 Comment

  1. Dillon

    11 July, 2017 at 5:45 am

    Hey, cool! I saw these guys open for someone at The Pawn Shop in Edmonton. Maybe The Faceless? They were great, and then I never was able to get their name. Flashback!

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