2017: A Year In Electronic

Electronic music in general contains a wide variety of different styles. To feature them all would take us many, many editions of “2017: A Year In”, so we decided to showcase this diversity in this very feature!

Iglooghost – Neo Wax Bloom



To say that this was a unique record would be a vast understatement. A jovial romp through (bubblegum) breakcore, future bass, and glitch hop, it presented a more light-hearted and refreshing take on the genre than the otherwise mostly dark and noisy music produced under the breakcore umbrella.

Listen here!



In Love With A Ghost – Healing



Cuteness overload! Behind the bright and colorful artwork lies a musical journey through equally bright and positive sounds, drawing inspiration from many genres across the (electronic music) board. Despite its short runtime, it’s one of the most bouncy and wholesome releases in quite a while.

Listen here!



Justin Walter – Unseen Forces



We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Unseen Forces was one of the most surprising and excellent records of 2018. Composed and performed almost entirely on an obscure wind-powered synthesizer, and blending ambient music with touches of jazz, it establishes a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Listen here!



Cologne Tape – Welt



Early analog electronic music has this vibe of discovery, connecting something which is pretty much “unhuman” with a human spirit. Cologne Tape captured thhose feelings with their time traveling experience Welt. 

Listen here!




Forest Swords – Compassion



This album was one of the highest praised electronic of 2017 for a reason. Full of different influences, such as ambient, drone, IDM, post rock, and experimental, Forest Swords became one of the most important UK-acts with his second studio album release. Intriguing motifs and intense layers of different soundscapes are the key.

Listen here!



Emancipator – Baralku



Already well-established, a new release by Emancipator speaks for itself. Baralku is so stylistically confident, dense, and full of atmosphere that you can’t question his remarkable talent. Every track is on point, silky smooth and powerful.

Listen here!



Photay – Onism



Onism is a good natured and extremely interesting outing for experimental electronic funk purveyor, Evan Shornstein. It is easily his best work yet, with synths which toggle between breezy and triumphant, a diverse range of percussion, and a zen-like sheen to tap that happy place inside all of us.

Listen here!



Gallops – Bronze Mystic



Gallops have recently refined their sounds of earlier years to present a reinvigorated craft of alternative electronic rock music. Waging the war against boredom in song, Bronze Mystic needs to be heard when wide awake, with the hypnotic hard-edge pulse of “Darkjewel” as but one engrossing highlight.

Listen here!



Alon Mor – Long Awaited Journey



Take some orchestral film music, splice it with some brazen dubstep, throw in a few surprises and some unsettling moments, and you have an album to keep you hooked right until the final second. Long Awaited Journey is an masterpiece from creative musical genius Alon Mor.

Listen here!



Gaussian Curve – The Distance



Welcome to the ambient world of Gaussian Curve. The Distance is a deep, calmly paced record that is relaxing in essence but not without some intense moments. A pleasant electronic journey, and some beautifully welded songs for the ears and mind to get fully immersed in.

Listen here!




Honorable Mentions

Emptyset – Borders
Curtis Graham – Gaia
Clavvs – World Underwater
Arca – Arca
Son Lux – Remedy
Jlin – Origami
Floating Points – Reflections: Mojave Desert
Mount Kimbie – Love What Survives
Nosaj Thing – Parallels
Shigeto – The New Monday
Hiroto Kudo – Interior
Leon – Bird World
The Bug vs. Earth – Concrete Desert
Biospshere – The Petrified Forest
Raven – the night is dark, the night is silent, the night is bright, the night is loud

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