2017: A Year In Post-Rock

Post-rock proved again that it’s one of the most versatile genres around, and 2017 showcased some really interesting records! Let’s dive in!

Kauan – Kaiho



Kaiho is one of the most blissful and soothing records you will ever come across. Kauan’s ability to mix classical sounds with elements of folk music and prog rock allows them to create a immersive and mesmerizing world around their music. Rarely does music make you step back and look into your own past and remember all those bittersweet memories.

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Spook The Horses – People Used To Live Here



Spook The Horses latest offering offers a bird’s eye view into their post-apocalyptic world. Although the record is filled with sorrow and gloom, the band draws from a wide range of influences, resulting in moments of upbeat melancholia. People Used to Live Here is one of those rare records that manages to hit the highest crescendos and at the same time fall into the calmest depths.

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Hammock – Mysterium



The Nashville-based duo Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson of Hammock return with one of the most emotionally powerful record of 2017. Minimalism at its very best, Mysterium is a statement for when one just does not find the words to express their thoughts and feelings. A dark and haunting requiem that makes one treasure every moment of the record.  

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We All Die! What A Circus! – We All Die! What A Circus!



Don’t let the eccentric song titles fool you! …I lied; this album probably fits the post-rock blueprint you think it does. Ethereal, ghostly guitars and unapologetic rises and falls provide the fundamentals for this winding trail of scrapbook memories. We All Die! What A Circus! have not reinvented the wheel on their self-titled album, but they continue to carry the ambient torch within the genre.

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Do Make Say Think – Stubborn Persistent Illusions



Over a frozen landscape, Canadian heavyweights Do Make Say Think return after an eight-year hibernation. This alone was big news, but not as big as Stubborn Persistent Illusions is accessible. Subverting some of the tropes of their genre, DMST stays grounded in simplicity and visceral motifs while staying true to the sound they’ve maintained since the 90’s.

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Luciferian Towers



In the absence of the usual mysterious samples and sonic violence, Godspeed You! Black Emperor keep the radical politics and experiments with melody over drone. Whereas previous Godspeed albums told tales of destruction and despair, Luciferian Towers finds hope and shelter in their forlorn land of ruin. After over twenty years, the band still finds ways to break their boundaries–including the ones they’ve set themselves and their contemporaries.

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When Icarus Falls – Resilience



It’s great when post-rock takes a turn for the more foreboding. Nice spoken word vocals open this record, but fear not, we are positively roaring by the second track! Resilience has some great groove, some really cool melodies and is progressive in all the right places. A record you can really get lost in.

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Oiseaux-Tempête – AL​-​’AN ! الآن



Musically rooted somewhere between the Middle East and outer space, this record is epic, patient, sombre and loaded with treasures. Each song offers something new. It’s sometimes rocking, other times jazzy, and yet so much more. As dynamic and passionate as an album possibly can be. If you missed this in 2017, then now’s the time to get immersed.

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Grails – Chalice Hymnal



Grails were always kind of an ‘under-the-radar’ post-rock band; not quite as accessible as many of their comrades, and for fuck’s sake miles away from generic ‘let’s build up to the crescendo’ post-rock. Chalice Hymnal satisfies its audience with clever composional decisions and a rich soundscape. Don’t miss them!

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Balmorhea – Clear Language



Easily one of the best albums in this genre I’ve heard in years. All the different elements, put together in a subtle way and with such attention to detail in terms of sound and texture. Balmorhea can look back at a fantastic discography, and Clear Language could be it’s absolute climax so far.

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Honorable Mentions:

Heron – You Are Here Now
Exquirla – Para Quienes Aún Viven
Hiboux – Command The Earth To Swallow Me Up
Soup – Remedies
Lowercase Noises – The Swiss Illness
Omráde – Nade
Blak – Between Darkness And Light
Ainez – A Different Gaze
This Patch Of Sky – These Small Spaces
Watter – History Of The Future


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