At The Halls Of It Djents… October ’17

The weather finally decided to cool down a bit, but the music keeps coming. This October had a plethora of new releases and great music to hear, with the cooler season keeping us all pretty busy. We took a look back at Ihsahan‘s Eremita and Born of OsirisThe Discovery, talked about the ‘perfect’ album and NeO’s Urn, and had our own week-long celebration of the Halloween season. Let’s take a closer look!

Halloween Festivities

Another October, and another Halloween passed us by, but this year we came to meet the holiday with our own set of spooky content for all of you. Starting things off with a spotlight on Rob Zombie (and later on, Goblin), we then delved into the world of darksynth and horror-influenced synthwave. We shared a set of seasonal music videos, and talked with Randy Slaugh about his top ten horror movie soundtracks. And finally, we finished off the holiday with a listening guide and some standout recommendations for your night. Be sure to let us know what you thought of our seasonal content in the comments below!

The Monthly Playlist

Albums to Check Out

Ne Obliviscaris – Urn (8.5): “…this is an insanely talented band that has added another impressive record to their resume…This album is a grower, and that is simply not what I expected. I have a feeling that Urn is going to bring a new level of awareness for [them].”

Veil of Maya – False Idol (7/10): “…[this album] seeks to merge the increasingly disparate elements of catchiness and heaviness, to somewhat inconsistent results. There are a lot of great Marc Okubo riffs on the record, and Lukas Magyar establishes himself as an increasingly agile vocalist and melody composer. Unfortunately, in what feels like an attempt to satiate both old and new fans, much of the album feels fractured in its arrangements.”

Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper (9/10): “To put it simply, if you enjoy doom and drone metal, you should not miss this album. [They] have managed to make a sprawling and actualized song that manages to never meander or lose its way.”

Amenra – Mass VI (8/10): “Perhaps it would be fair to criticize Mass VI by saying “it sounds like another Amenra album.” Even still, only Amenra sounds like Amenra, and Mass VI meets and in some ways exceeds the standards set in their other notable works such as Mass V and Mass III.”

Mother Of Millions – Sigma (8/10): “[Their] clear direction and care for the craft has fostered a thoughtful and engaging album in Sigma, although it takes a little time to truly settle into the experience as it was meant to be.”

Mammal Hands – Shadow Work (7.5/10): “It engages you – grips you – with its velvety saxophone leads, elegant piano and dynamic percussion. For me, the grip releases too soon after, but that doesn’t mean the moment wasn’t enjoyable on its own.”


Artists to Keep An Eye On

The Community

A few of you from the It Djents group page shared personal projects on the page, and now we get a chance to dig into them. Among the list, we have Caynug‘s “I Wish I Still Knew You“, The Living‘s “Cast Aside“, and 2.0 from The Lucid Archetype. There’s no shortage of groups sharing their bands, but moving forward we’d love to see different kinds of creations from the community too, not simply new releases. Have some interesting music-related art, a funny video, or even a written project? Share them so we can see the inventiveness of the community. All forms of creativity are encouraged!

A Look Ahead

We’re getting close to the year-end scramble – with our usually yearly reflections and seasonal features – but we have one month before we really delve into that. For the time being, you can expect the usual set of podcasts, reviews, retrospectives, interviews, news and more. Let us know what you’ve been listening to this October in the comments below!

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