EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Deceptic – “Event Horizon”

Friday is always a good day; not only does the weekend start, but there’s also a lot of releases dropping each Friday. Today we proudly premiere a new single for you guys! Have you heard of Deceptic before? The band, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, has its roots back in 2011, when they releasing their very first self-titled EP. The following years were quite successful, seeing them touring Europe twice and releasing their debut album called The Artefact. They even got to sign a record deal!

While the band proceeded with writing for album number two, they did two new singles, with videos done for them by Igor Omodei, guitarist of Uneven Structure. Luck hasn’t always been on the side of Deceptic, though; they got robbed during the video session, which left a big financial hole in their budget. Anyway, we are proud to show you one of those videos today! This is definitely something for you if you consider yourself a fan of Textures, old TesseracT or Uneven Structure.

“Event Horizon”

The song starts out quite melodic, getting pretty groovy when the first break comes in. One might be reminded of Textures, who sadly broke up last year. In the following moments, we get djenty riffing that sounds more light than unnecessarily heavy. This results in a pretty interesting mixture, which also has a catchy attitude to it thanks to the singer’s vocal lines. “Event Horizon” is a song that features some nice progressive treats and twists, while focussing on melody and rhythm at the same time. Make sure to keep your ears on that guitar solo!

If you are into modern and catchy metal music that delivers a certain progressive touch, you will simply love what Deceptic do on this song. It having a very worthy video accompanying it, this might lift the band to the next level. Although the song only is 3:43 minutes in length, it keeps things crisp and immediate. You’ll probably have to do another spin right away!

That being said, make sure to follow Deceptic on their Facebook page and purchase some merch if you like what you hear! Little hint: there’s more to come!

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