EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Dividium – “Send Nudes”

Hailing from Hull, UK, progressive metal band Dividium have made a name for themselves as local favorites. Across two previous albums, they have been building melodic measures and honing their hooks to sink into listeners. The band is gearing up for their next album (billed as their first ‘official’ release) titled T.H.R.E.E. We have the first taste of the music from that album premiering here exclusively with their video for “Send Nudes”:

This is a neat track, and has nothing to do with nudes! At least explicitly. A focus on melody gives Dividium the edge over other bands in the genre. The hook on here is catchy, the riffs are heavy, and the vocals are hard-hitting. The introduction provides a light guitar passage that gives way to distortion, and then the weighty grooves kick in. Vocalist Neil Bailey makes a fierce statement from the first line on: ‘Every man’s a whore/We’re all just selling pieces of ourselves/Bastardised our souls/To feed the mouths of babes and dogs of war‘. It’s affecting, and sets the tone early on.

Bailey’s screams harmonize nicely with Peter Delaney’s guitar work later in the verse. James Coggin provides meaty double bass triplet kicks that make your foot tap, while Joe Haslam brings up the rear with his humming bass that rounds out the rhythm. The video itself portrays a gentleman’s tense, high stakes card game. It’s played relatively seriously, but you can tell the band had fun crafting this video. I always like it when a band makes videos that have a different tone than their music carries.

As far as the the new album is concerned, Bailey comments: ‘It’s definitely the heaviest and most accessible that we’ve ever recorded. We’ve stuck with what we’re good at: catchy choruses and powerful riffs, but this time with added aggression and renewed vigor’. A band sticking to their strengths is hardly a bad thing, and seeing how well Dividium have managed so far, they should have nowhere to go but up!

No other information is available on T.H.R.E.E. yet, but we’re sure that will change soon enough. Big thanks to Dividium for trusting us with this premiere! Take a moment to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. You can also find their music on Bandcamp as well as SoundCloud.

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