EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: James Knoerl Of Aviations Shows Off Drum Playthrough Of “Facewaves”

Did you hear? Aviations are coming out with a new album soon! The Boston progressive metal band dropped their latest single entitled “Facewaves” on November 3. It’s from their new album The Light Years, coming out January 19, 2018, and it’s a real solid track. If haven’t heard it yet, you get the opportunity to right now with the exclusive premiere of a playthrough video by drummer James Knoerl! Peep it:

Although this is an instrumental version of the track, it allows for complete focus on Knoerl and his masterful performance. Flanked by art on all sides, he is in the zone, toying with time signatures and creating wonderfully complex, rhythmic passages nearly effortlessly. For all you theory nerds out there, Knoerl offers a quite detailed explanation of what we’re seeing and hearing:

There’s a lot of 2/4 bar tags that lend itself to playing along with the sixteenth note guitar lines. I was trying to approach these as a Bozzioesque pattern where he thinks of the drums as a melodic instrument. The breakdown albeit perhaps the most cliche but I think we did something really cool creating a 4/4 x3 7/8 section that ends with a grouping of 3 over the barline creating the illusion of something much more complicated. I’m really proud of how the end part came together as it’s a section that has a lot of time signature changes switching off between 6/8 with a 5/4 tag and 11/8 tag.

You, sir, know your stuff! As for the video itself, it’s produced very nicely. While a lot of drum playthrough videos are simple over-the-shoulder views (with maybe a pedal cam if you’re lucky), this one is a lot more dynamic and shows all rigor that goes into a performance of this caliber. Mood lighting and strobes accentuate Knoerl’s impressive kit and create a warm visual tone to accompany the cozy feeling of the song itself. All I have left to say is bravo!

Special thanks to Aviations and James Knoerl for allowing us to premiere this great drum playthrough. Look out for their new album, The Light Years, dropping January 19, 2018! Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Bandcamp where you can catch up with their previous work.

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1 Comment

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