EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Special Providence – “Irrelevant Connotations”

Stop the presses! Hungary’s Special Providence have a new album, Will, coming out very shortly (on October 23), and we have a great track from that album to premiere today. We’re pleased to present to you “Irrelevant Connotations”!

The four-piece instrumental prog metal band incorporates jazz fusion in their music, with a sprinkling of electronic elements to create a full pallet of sound. “Irrelevant Connotations” starts out with wild keyboards that make up the primary motif throughout the song; the drums use odd timing to build up the sound at first, and later to make a more complex polyrhythmic sound. There’s a nice harmony between the keys and bass that I like, and the guitar solos are filled with confidence and a poetry that’s hard to come by in bands nowadays.

This goes to show that “Irrelevant Connotations” uses suspense and heaviness just as well as it breaks tension with lighter, sunnier playing to form the song’s passages. Some of the licks are just as lush as the grounds of the manor the band can be seen playing in and around during the video. This brings me back to the earlier days of Animals as Leaders, and even reminds me a bit of Nova Collective.

We want to thank Special Providence for the opportunity to premiere their newest video. Please check out the band on Facebook, and be sure to pre-order Will physically at their official store or digitally on Bandcamp!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jane Mader

    8 October, 2017 at 6:35 am

    Awesome article!!! 👍🏼 It actually made me want to listen to the track.

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