EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Afterimage – “Secrets”

We here at It Djents believe that streams aren’t just for water anymore. I mean, streaming music is how we listen to a majority of our music nowadays, right? Today, we have a very special stream for you. Toronto’s progressive metal darlings The Afterimage have a new single out and we’re premiering it right here, right now! We proudly present to you, “Secrets”.

Damn, what a song! “Secrets” is a multi-faceted wonder, carrying the sharpened edge of harsh vocals and cutting fretwork in one hand, and the soothing touch of flowing progressive arrangements in the other. The dual vocals create a duet between beauty and beast while the bass and guitars harmonize with each other. Riffs help push the rhythm forward a lot, but break away into mathcore-esque solos that dazzle. I’m reminded a bit of fellow Ontarians Protest the Hero during these moments. Drums hit all the right places, making it hard not to tap one’s foot to the track. My favorite moment has to be the middle of the song where it is given a lot of room to breathe. We’re treated to some hearty bass play, intense drum fills, and a guitar arrangement that dances all over the mix. “Secrets” is a great piece of work that stays with you long after listening, just as the band’s name implies!

Big thanks to The Afterimage for working with us on this track premiere! Please give them a look on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. “Secrets” is taken from their upcoming album Eve which releases on May 18. You can pre-order it here!

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