EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Xenosis – “Delirium (Death of a God)”

Death metal as of late, much like most subgenres, is filtered through a modern pristine production that can sometimes dismiss the raw origins of the genre. However, homages to the past can sound dated, tired or unoriginal. Connecticut progressive death metal group Xenosis successfully avoid either end of the continuum, drawing influences from old-school death metal while presenting a sound that is forward-thinking. The group’s third full-length, Devour and Birth, will be released on January 19th. It Djents is proud to premiere the act’s second single for the record, “Delirium (Death of a God)”:

The song opens with suitably ominous harmonized guitar lines and pounding toms before shifting into a mid-tempo verse. It is immediately clear how effectively the guitars, bass and drums complement one another; bass lines dance audibly and intelligently around punishing riffage, while making space for melancholy melodies. Some nostalgic blues-influenced guitar soloing meets modern sweeps and haunting harmonies, providing a clear example of Xenosis‘ old-meets-new aesthetic. The song builds swiftly and confidently from a soft opening with increasing intensity, climaxing with relentless blast beats before fading away.

You can pre-order Devour and Birth hereXenosis is present on most social media and music platforms, including FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

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