This is the time of year that everyone is okay with being creepy, gross, and scary. Thankfully, the music that we love here at It Djents doesn’t place a timeframe on getting the jitters; our favorite artists serve up scares all year round. I’ll admit, there are plenty of gory videos that didn’t make the cut for this feature because I wanted to mainly focus on videos that related to this festive season in some way. The songs below may also not be directly tied to Halloween, but the videos themselves are what helped me add them to the list. We’ve got a little death metal, pop, and even alt punk rears its head. Without further ado, here are the videos, enjoy!

Exhumed: “Night Work”
This is a fresh pick, as the album has just been recently released. “Night Work” is from Exhumed’s latest release, Death Revenge, which is a concept album about the notable grave robbers of yore: Burke & Hare. The classic riffage is strong on this track, and the video is a perfect fit for the song and the concept. Check it out!

Mastodon: “Show Yourself”
Prog and Sludge masters Mastodon have a fantastic sense of humor that has manifested itself throughout many of their videos. “Show Yourself” is one of the most accessible songs to date, but it’s the video that get’s it on this list. The ‘death as a day job’ concept is novel and the story that unfolds is a real treat.

Ghost: “Cirice”
Come on, you knew that this band was going to show up on this list at least once. Ghost is a highly theatrical band, so it follows that their videos would have at least the same flair as their live shows. The lead single from Meliora, “Cirice” is a song that casts a wicked spell as it entices the listener. The video puts this charm into story form and does so in classic horror style.

Thirty Seconds to Mars: “The Kill”
Let’s throw it back just a little bit with some alt-rock/emo in the form of Jared Leto’s own Thirty Seconds to Mars. A Beautiful Lie was a landmark release. The video to their hit, “The Kill”, is themed after The Shining, the classic horror film directed by Stanley Kubrick (based on the novel of the same name penned by Stephen King). Let it break you down.

The Black Dahlia Murder: “Funeral Thirst”
Sure, nearly all of this band’s music videos could have been chosen for this feature, but there is just something about “Funeral Thirst.” The video looks like a low budget ‘found footage’ student film, all shot in a graveyard no less. There’s a raw creepiness to the song, and the video suits it perfectly.

Obituary: “Ten Thousand Ways to Die”
Another band that has a somewhat morbid sense of humor is the death metal stalwarts Obituary. This video is a small animated feature film that includes zombies, the Xenomorph from the Alien film franchise, and a cameo from Lemmy. What more could we want?

MGMT: “Kids”
Take a light-hearted pop tune, throw in a dose of irony, and you get the video for “Kids.” No doubt countless fans who had only heard the song were shocked when they saw the video. Surrounding a child with monsters to the soundtrack of the smooth grooves of MGMT makes for a disturbingly beautiful experience.

My Chemical Romance: “Welcome to the Black Parade”
The now-defunct alt/punk outfit really stretched their creative muscles when they released The Black Parade. The concept of the album was morbid, morose, and emotional. The best video to come out of the record was essentially the title track and is esthetically what I always described as ‘Queen-meets-Tim Burton.’ Sure it’s campy and ridiculous, but a parade of the dead while ash falls from the sky is pretty on the nose for Halloween. Sing along.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for checking out the article! Hopefully, you found some new entertaining videos, or at least got to watch some old favorites again! What music videos do you think fits the season? Let us know in the comments, and have a happy, safe, and metal Halloween!

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