At The Halls Of It Djents… September ’17

Welcome to the inaugural monthly news piece, where we share all the things you might have missed out on from It Djents! Summer is coming to a close, but the content keeps coming. The Summer Jam wraps up as the cold weather comes in, with both the podcast and retrospective series pushing forward. A new playlist full of the best September had to offer, including the new Mastodon, Architects, Caligula’s Horse, and a number of surprises that you’re sure to enjoy. We also picked out the big album releases to check out in our review list below. We’ve got interviews from Tesseract, Arcane Roots, Elder, and more. Don’t forget about our WFA‘s, some artists you should really keep an eye on. Lastly, we take a look at some of the highlights from the It Djents community page. Let us know what you think of the articles by sharing your feedback and suggestions in the comments below. Let’s get to it!

The End of Summer

The weather may not have taken the hint that autumn has come, but the calender certainly has. As we await the gradient of colourful foliage, I thought this would be a good chance to take a look back the the big things we did here at It Djents over the last few months. Earlier this year we launched ‘A Scene in Retrospect‘, a series where a handful of our writers here take a look back at some of the more influential records that have passed us. We cover everything from Colors, Nothing, The Raven That Refused To Sing, Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV, and many more. If you’re aching for a bit of nostalgia, or just want to see some prolific works, definitely give the page a look!

The ‘It Djents Podcast‘ has returned! There was quite a long absence between episode two and three, but we’ve been bringing our sultry voices to the masses consistently ever since…for the most part. Some technical difficulties aside, we’ve been exploring some topics that are sure to peek your interest: From the idea of what prog is today and the value of a concept album, to roundtables on To The Bone and Clairvoyant. We’re always looking for feedback and topic ideas, so be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

Finally, we have the second annual ‘Summer Jam‘, where we give you music to beat the heat. I’ll let its creator, Dom, take it away: ‘After last year’s establishment of the The Summer Jam feature, we wanted to take it to the next level for this year’s run. So the logical thing to do was, obviously, to give it a stupid B-movie title (yes, that was intentional, in case you were wondering). But seriously, we wanted to expand on everything we thought that this particular feature should stand for: fun, diversity and music discovery. Therefore, we went looking for bands and artists to cooperate with in lots of different places, to make the experience an even more interesting and open-minded one, both for you and for ourselves.

We sincerely hope that it made your summer a bit brighter, and the heat a bit more easy to endure. Special thanks go out to all the bands (The Room Colored Charlatan, Aquilus, Siamese, Xehanort, Zeitgeber, Ghost Iris, The Voynich Code, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Native Construct and Lantlôs [no, I totally wasn’t reading that off, how dare you?]) for making this feature so enjoyable to put together.

See you all next year with more music, and more importantly, an even stupider name!’

The Monthly Playlist

Albums to Check Out!

The ContortionistClairvoyant (5.5/10): “It’s not a bad album at all, but it’s also not noteworthy and wouldn’t be recognized without the name on the cover…[They] have to find a better balance and maybe a clearer delivery of their artistic vision, to be interesting…in the future.”

MastodonCold Dark Place (9/10): “Given that this EP is made of songs from the cutting room floor of two very different albums, there’s no strong concept that links them together. Instead what we have are four distinctly different tracks, that are also distinctly Mastodon.”

Caligula’s HorseIn Contact (8.5/10): “In many ways, I can see this being the record that fans of the band will think back to and compare against for the rest of their career. More than that though, [this album] shows that [they] are one of those bands that truly stand out from the crowd, offering a unique musical experience that you can’t quite get anywhere else.”

Chelsea WolfeHiss Spun (8.5/10): “It’s not perfect, but it’s still great. Well-produced with good writing, and great choices made by [her] and her engineers as far as utilizing guest musicians and how to mix the album.”

Circa Survive The Amulet (7.5/10): “…[Their] slight change of pace and shedding of their aggressive edge makes [this album] a much more mood based album than previous releases; it is best paired with moments of solitary reflection.”

ArchspireRelentless Mutation (8/10): “The biggest winning factor for [them] on this album is that by simply showing the sensible restraint of taking the foot off the gas pedal when the song calls for it, they breathed a whole new spirit into what many called the pinnacle of their formula after 2014’s The Lucid Collective.”

MyrkurMareridt (8/10): “…there is a certain power to this album. Its singular vision is no doubt the benefit of a sole mind creating the majority of the content. For being only the second Myrkur album, there is a clearly delineated space in which this project operates and does so quite confidently.”

PerturbatorNew Model (9.6/10): “Much like the AI that this album’s concept follows, [this album] flirts with perfection…As it stands at this moment, New Model is an unmistakable bucking of trends and peak artistry within a genre that is rife with decay and overcrowding much like the cyberpunk cityscapes this music so often portrays.”

Arcane Roots Melancholia Hymns (7.5/10): “With an effective blend of alternative rock and light progressive elements, [they] have crafted a very approachable record, while still retaining depth and atmosphere throughout its near hour long runtime.”


Artists to Keep an Eye On!

The Community

I wanted to take the time here to show some of the incredible talent of the community here at It Djents. In September alone we had dozens of posts about personal projects on our group page (psst… you should go join it if you haven’t). There is far too many to share, so I only have a handful for you here today (please keep them coming, I’d love to see this section expand with more from you guys). First up is a cover artist by the name of Forest Goddard. A few weeks back he posted a clean cover of Plini‘s “Ko Ki” that you should definitely check out. Maxx Blois-Rosetti shared one of his playthroughs called “Cloud9“, a fun track that’s worth your time. Finally, we have Intuitive Designs, a great graphic artist that works on album covers. If you want to be featured here with your stuff, be sure to share it in the group chat post!

A Look Ahead

If you got this far, then thank you for reading (or scrolling ahead, it still counts)! This was a busy summer as our new writers got adjusted and we launched some new ideas. The momentum will keep going moving forward, with regular editions of ASIR, WFA, podcasts, interviews, and the regular slew of reviews that you’ve come to expect. We are planning to have more reviews that incorporate more than one reviewer’s thoughts in the future in an attempt to give you all a more varied perspective on music (in addition to the occasional roundtable), so look forward to those. Many ideas are being thrown around for the fall and winter seasons, so stay tuned to It Djents, and keep being awesome!

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