International Women’s Day – Prog Appreciation

Metal and progressive music in general are dominated by male artists and fans. Unfortunately, there are many female artists and fans without the same opportunities to express themselves and be appreciated in the progressive community. Even this blog often fails to properly represent the diversity of artists actively making awesome progressive music. Together though, we can work to make a community as inclusive and diverse as the music we listen to. With that in mind, and considering that it is International Women’s Day, here are some awesome artists and bands featuring female musicians that inspire us here at It Djents:


Yvette Young

Oceans of Slumber

Naia Izumi




Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas

Hiatus Kaiyote



Coma Cluster Void

Stolen Babies

We hope you found some artists here that you enjoy. From djent to experimental metal, math rock, and progressive, genre-spanning groups, women contribute so much to the music we love and should be recognized for their contributions in doing so. Obviously, this list isn’t exhaustive, so please tag your favorite female artists in the comments and celebrate International Women’s Day with us!

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