SPOTLIGHT: An Endless Sporadic

Band/Artist: An Endless Sporadic

Country: USA

Active Since: 2008

Band Members: Zach Kamins, Jonas Reingold, Navene-K, Michael Iago Mellender, Chris Bleth, (Past) Andy Gentile

Genre: Instrumental Prog Rock, Jazz-Fusion

FFO: Scale the Summit, Snarky Puppy, Animals As Leaders

An Endless Sporadic might be a name you recognize, and for many, just the mention of them has given you flashbacks to jamming to their songs with a plastic guitar. Yes, they are ‘that group with that song from Guitar Hero’ that, after you played all the main songs to death, you found hidden among the ‘Bonus Songs’. It was there that you found “Impulse”(on GH3) or “Anything” (on GH: World Tour), instrumental gems that got more playtime out of me than I’d like to admit. Playing Guitar Hero wasn’t enough though; I had to know if all their songs were brilliant. After a quick visit to their Myspace, I discovered their short EP Ameliorate and my fandom truly began.

I sometimes get frustrated that people I know who would love An Endless Sporadic haven’t already gotten into them or say they have heard of them but ‘not really checked them out’. With the progressive rock and metal community embracing an increasing amount of musical influences and really adopting styles that, 20 years ago, were strictly meant for their own genre, it surprises me that An Endless Sporadic aren’t as popular as I’d like them to be. They perfectly incorporate classic styles, jazz, metal and just about anything into their adventurous pieces, and it really gives this emotional game-theme vibe that invokes a range of feelings to fit any persons musical mood. Fans of Scale the Summit and Animals as Leaders looking for something different that still contains intricate riffs and exciting progressions need look no further. If you have a hankering for contemporary jazz-fusion with a film score style, then I encourage you to check out their most recent record and get lost in a performance that definitely needs to be appreciated live.

The group’s first record, Ameliorate (released back in 2008), was only four tracks, and was closely followed by the full-length album An Endless Sporadic which only expanded on the greatness of the short EP. The self-titled album showed not only Zach Kamins’ ability to write beautifully on multiple instruments but also how many different styles and approaches he can bring into his music. The album has a recurring tune that is lightly sprinkled throughout the runtime, giving the listener a ‘homecoming’ feeling of comfort whilst being flown around this cosmic landscape of sounds. After a string of tours around the USA (if they came to the UK and I didn’t know I will be pissed), they went quiet for a few years (due to an assumed hiatus), but eventually resurfaced in 2014 when they uploaded recordings of their old live shows and a new song.

The video showed Kamins with new band members, having lost Andy Gentile on drums and gaining something resembling the band you (think you) hear, An Endless Sporadic were back, seemingly with a new complete studio and songs in the wing. The great  thing about the return was the familiarity of the sound but with a definite improvement in writing and performance. They released another single in 2014, “Derpulous”, after it was teased at the end of the music video for “Spaceship Factory”, but it was a two-year wait until the next album would be released. Summer 2016 came, and Magic Medicine was finally available. It was worth the wait! With Kamin’s multi-instrumental skills and a full line-up (featuring special guests), AES have composed a great album that feels like an epic combination of all their previous work. A new theme and a huge quality difference in the production makes it their strongest work to date and definitely is one of the most under-rated albums of last year.

This band deserves so much more support and respect and it’s about time that happened. They sound like ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ stage music mixed with the score of ‘Star Wars’, and if that doesn’t get you excited, then do you even like music? They dropped a single on their YouTube and social media last month and are currently touring around the USA, go check how near to you they are and go have your mind blown!

Follow An Endless Sporadic on Facebook, and make sure to visit their Bandcamp or official website for more information!

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