THE SUMMER JAM 2: Beat The Heat – Jesper And Daniel Of Ghost Iris

German summer is confusing, people. Especially theses days, where the weather perceivedly swings every day. We had tornado warnings here last night, are you kidding me? Anyhow, welcome back to another episode of The Summer Jam 2: Beat The Heat! This week, we have two of our homeboys in Ghost Iris with us: Jesper and Daniel will run you through their favorite summer records. Enjoy!


Jesper Vicencio Gün

Summer is life. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. The winters here are long, dark and sucky. The Danish summer is actually really nice though. So when it finally rolls around, I am instantly revitalized. Shortly put: winter sucks. Summer rules.


The Midnight – Endless Summer

This group is catchy, atmospheric and goose bump inducing, while bringing forth a feel of pure nostalgia. Endless Summer takes you back to the streets of LA, Miami or a summer city of your choice. And it’s all going on in the 80’s! So pull out you best neon colored clothes and drive towards the sunset in your black Trans Am, because this one is a keeper.

Issues – Headspace

Issues just know how to throw together a summer hit. Their ridiculously catchy choruses are a perfect fit for those long days skating or hanging out at the beach.

Don Broco – Automatic

I’m all about choruses. And just like with Issues, Don Broco just has a gift for a stupid catchy version of them. Their visual summer / Miami Vice aesthetics on Automatic is engulfing and makes you want to bathe in neon lights. This summer you’ll find me at a pool, blasting Don Broco on the sound system, sipping piña colada’s.

Dance Gavin Dance – Happiness

DGD is one of my all time favorite bands. On Happiness they truly bring the FUNK to the table. It’s like listening to Jamiroquai mixed with…well… DGD. In 10 short numbers they manage to give me a big, fat summer smile. Great stuff.

Polyphia – Renaissance

If one is up for some instrumental goodness, Polyphia’s Renniassance is the shit. They’ve successfully mixed R&B with instrumental prog metal. Quite a feat.


Daniel Leszkovicz

Summer is beautiful in Copenhagen. Not because of the weather, it has a lot of moodswings here. But because of the people, it seems like the streets are crowded with happy people and good vibes all around. Fucking love BBQ and cracking open a cold one with the boys!


Comeback Kid – Wake The Dead

This album is special to me, and is in my ears very often. The energy I get from listening to this album is crazy. Wake your summer with this beauty!

Misery Signals – Controller

This album is special. The mixture between technical riffs and melodies that gives you goosebumps is immense. It’s the perfect summer soundtrack.

It Dies Today – The Caitiff Choir

This album is full of breakdowns. My heart beats in breakdowns. It makes the perfect summer album for me, when I need to wake up and grind.

Stick To Your Guns – Disobedient

The groovyness, sing a long parts and a mixture with facemelting breakdowns, it makes me want to dive straight into the pit and do some circle kicks. Summervibes engaged.

Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

This album is something else. The nerve, vibe and most og all energy is nothing that can be explained. This album is pure fire when hitting the gym, in the summertime!

That’s it for today; time flies when you’re having fun! Thanks to Jesper and Daniel for being part of The Summer Jam 2: Beat The Heat. If you’re a regular reader of our blog and yet managed to not check out Ghost Iris until now for whatever reason, you should really amend that! Also, make sure to follow them on Facebook.

Come back next week for more records to spin during this hottest (and obviously most confusing) of seasons. But before you leave, why not tell us your favorite summer jams? Leave ’em in the comments! See you next week, and until then, stay safe, and as always…

…thanks for reading!

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