THE SUMMER JAM 2: Beat The Heat – Mirza And Andreas Of Siamese

Hey there! Hope you had a nice week so far! But even if not, don’t worry, this week’s episode of The Summer Jam 2: Beat The Heat will pick you right up. Because this time around, we have Mirza (vocals) and Andreas (guitar) from Danish pop/post-hardcore outfit Siamese (a band whose record we just reviewed mere days ago) telling you which tunes they will be blasting this summer. Enjoy!


Mirza Radonijca-Bang


Dance Gavin Dance – “Summertime Gladness”

My favourite band in the world, and with Tillian Pearsons genius way of composing catchy melodies this track will make me summer. Just recently released, and constanly made my number 1 list. Check out this band, if you have been living under a rock!

A Lot Like Birds – “The Sound Of Us”

Changing their lead singer, going in a more mellow direction with less frenetic guitar is the best thing that has ever happened to A Lot Like Birds. Their new album will be my summer jam, and their leadsingle is simply amazing. Amazing compositions and amazing vocal work.

Issues – “The Realest”

No way getting around it really. Best album of 2016 if you ask me Issues deliver the melodies that make all the boys and girls get rowdy. Crazy special band that has split the scene in two, but believe me, I am on the winning side. This track is just so sassy that you have to give in.

Phlake – “Chunks”

Now for something not metal. Phlake are opening Roskilde Festival this year which is the biggest festival in Scandinavia. Amazing production, amazing musicians and I know that some of you djentlemen out there will appreciate a proper slapbass! Don’t miss out on these guys.

Sons Of Death Valley – “Fight Song”

Just some classic hardcore’n’roll. Crazy video, crazy song catchy chorus, this song has everything you need for a night where you have gotten just a bit to drunk! Sons Of Death Valley are a danish outfit as well. Check their frantic western core!


Andreas Krüger


Travis Scott – “Antidote”

Such a cool vibe and topline! Everything here is so simple and great.

Bryson Tiller – “502 Come Up”

Such a badass beat, and Bryson Tiller always makes great toplines and original sounding melodies.

Chance The Rapper – “No Problem”

This sends me back to the good old Kanye days… Nice and luxurious vibes with great sampling.

Francis & The Lights – “May I Have This Dance” (Remix feat. Chance the Rapper)

I just discovered Francis and the Lights and it’s really cool! They have that Phil Collins vibe going on, and I grew up on Phil Collins, so I always loved that!

Toto – “Africa”

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. So I always come back to this often!

So there you go! If you’re not feeling it right now, especially after these lists, I don’t know what to tell you. Anyway, thanks to Mirza and Andreas for being a part of The Summer Jam 2: Beat The Heat! Make sure to follow their band Siamese on Facebook, and to listen to their new album Shameless if you haven’t already.

Come back next week for more summer album-age! Until then, stay safe, and as always…

…thanks for reading!

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