The SUMMER JAM 2: Beat The Heat – Vinicius Cunha Of The Voynich Code

Bem-vindo a mais um episódio de The Summer Jam 2: Beat The Heat! I sincerely hope that I’ve translated that correctly; please let me know if I didn’t. Anyhow, this week we have Vinicius Cunha, guitarist of Portugese progressive deathcore outfit The Voynich Code with us, and he’ll show you his list of favorite summer jams. Enjoy!


Vinicius Cunha

Hi guys! Most of my friends know how diverse my taste in music is and for that reason it’s a big pleasure to contribute to this article showing a few bands I’ve been listening! This is my summer jam and this should be yours too! Let’s start!


Decapitated – Earth Scar

I’ve been a big fan of Decapitated for years. I love their music, it’s powerful, full of superb fast drums with crushing guitar riffs. If you saw them live you probably know what I’m talking about. This year they’ll have a new album and you seriously can’t miss this. Earth Scar has an amazing production and all the riffs are really straight in your face!

A Night In The Abyss – Necropolis

You like deathcore? You like black metal? You like keyboards? Orchestral synths? Then this is for you. A Night In The Abyss is a super underrated band and one of my favorite jams lately. Their new album, Necropolis, is amazing. It’s fast, tight, lots of guitar technical riffs and brutal blast beats.

The Schoenberg Automaton – Apus

Found these guys on YouTube a few months ago and I can’t stop listening to it. Super heavy with a very dark vibe added to it. I hate to compare bands with others bands but they really have a small influence from The Red Shore which I love. Their music structure is amazing. Probably one of the best albums I’ve ever listen.

PVRIS – What’s Wrong

Ok let’s calm down and get out of the metal zone for a while. I love PVRIS. Their singer is amazing, not only in the albums but also live. This band is very unique, it’s not the regular pop shit you listen in radio, it’s very well made and they are super talented musicians. This is the jam to put in your car while you’re taking your girlfriend somewhere!

Disfiguring The Goddess – Deprive

Had to post this. Big Chocolate is one of my favorite vocalist and dude of all time. I’ve been following his work for a while (especially the electronic stuff) and he’s amazing. He can write everything! From metal to electro to pop music. But here you go… you have one of the heaviest slam records out there. The mix of heavy riffs with crushing electronic keyboards are amazing. I’m always listening to this record from time to time.

She Must Burn – After Death

I’ve been listening a lot to these guys lately. Their vocalist is amazing, he can do a lot of vocal ranges and his ‘zombie’ vocals are super cool. I also love the addition of keyboards and female vocals. I would say the blackened deathcore is the new thing now, which I really don’t mind! Haha.

Code Orange – Forever

Well I guess I don’t need to explain right? One of the tightest and heaviest bands at the moment. Saw their show a few days ago and holy shit… they are tight. I love how they mix synths, keyboards, crazy interludes to the beatdown/hardcore vibe. Rebecca is also amazing as vocalist. The girl can scream, sing clean and headbang. Don’t sleep on this.

Malevolence – Wasted Breath

Malevolence is one of that bands you can’t dislike. It’s just the perfect combination of old school music with modern music. I especially love their guitarist vocals, the guy has an amazing vocal range. All the riffs are super straight in your face and their live set is always a destruction.

The Black Dahlia Murder – Nocturnal

Simply one of my favorites albums of all time. I can’t even explain how this album influenced me as a musician. All the riffs, drum patterns, vocals are amazing. Trevor lyrics are just a masterpiece. This was the beginning of the modern deathcore and every fan of heavy music should jam this album at least 1 time per year. You’re welcome.

Fit For An Autopsy – The Great Collapse

I showed you Nocturnal from The Black Dahlia Murder but now it’s time to check the best deathcore album of 2017. Fit For An Autopsy is an amazing band, they really took deathcore to the next level. Their music is amazing, well structured, well written, well played, one of the tightest bands out there. Don’t show this to your grandmother, it’s too heavy!

Hope you guys enjoy my list and have fun this summer jamming the heaviest music out there! Stay safe and thanks for the opportunity It Djents!

That’s it for this week, people of the Internet! Many thanks to Mr. Cunha for being a part of The Summer Jam 2: Beat The Heat; it’s much appreciated. If you’re not familiar with his band The Voynich Code already, make sure to follow them on Facebook and check out their music. They released a new record called Aqua Vitae back in May, so the moment is propitious!

See you all again next week for more summer jams! Before you go, why not tell us what some of your favorite summer records are? Leave them in the comments! Until next time, have a blast, and as always…

…thanks for reading!

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