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Weekly Featured Artist: Circuitry

Remember the time when people used to make music for themselves? They didn’t care about what the world thought or how people perceived it. They must made awesome and honest music because that’s just what made them happy. That’s what the sole purpose behind music was and should be. Of course times are different now and musicians need to be able to support their livelihood, but a band that says – ‘THIS is what I believe in and what I will do because I want to’, is something I always appreciate. When I spoke to Circuitry for the first time, this is exactly what they conveyed to me.

10858431_567148513415494_7323233163410688322_nLet me formally introduce you to the band. Circuitry is a progressive metalcore band hailing from Long Beach, New Jersey. The band was formed in 2013 after progressive metal band Dark Empire disbanded which lead to guitarist Christian Colabelli and drummer Matt Guglielmo starting a new project. They got Joel Monet on board who was a part of Christian’s other band, Reach . Joel joined as the vocalist for Circuitry, who also happened to play the bass on the debut album. As soon as the band formed, they started with their song writing process and only played their first show on the 1st of November last year.

Now coming to how I got introduced to the band. Circuitry came out with their debut, self-titled album on the 4th of November last year. That’s about the time I was asked to do an interview with debut band for a different web-zine I work for. I was really excited to be talking to a new band that made the kind of music I absolutely enjoy. The interview was extremely fun. I’d still say it’s one of the interviews I enjoyed most. The most important reason was that there were small things about the band that made me absolutely love not only the music, but as both people and musicians alike.

Circuitry is a band that comprises of three absolute nut-cases, if I may say so. Christian, 10463936_499888646808148_7362081927656385580_ntheir guitarist is the main perfectionist on the band. He will just NOT stop till he is satisfied. To be honest, it makes complete sense. You have to see him shred, it’s almost unbelievable. In fact, he actually states that he would be okay to  move to a third world country if they had electricity because he would absolutely need to practice the electric guitar incessantly.  Then comes Joel who suffers OCD. I’m going to point out that the band has very interesting vocals and when I asked Joel about it he said, “I was going to do it to the best of my ability and I really sat down with it and when it didn’t sound good, man I was going to delete it.” He quoted Freddy Mercury on the Bohemian Rhapsody and the 72 takes that led to perfection. We know what that sounds like and Joel wanted to achieve no less than that. This almost states how much he obsesses over getting things right. You may think that’s enough but then comes the drummer, Matt. He is the youngest on the band and is labelled by Joel and Christian as a ‘paranoid musician’. When you hear about them you probably think ‘what the hell is going on?’. These three musicians together seem to give an impression of one hell of a mental band. Something that they truly are and are definitely very proud of. Knowing them and their music, I would not have it any other way either.

One thing about the band that really impressed me is how they all work together as one unit and this shows in their music. They have a brilliant sense of understand and support each other through everything. They appreciate, respect and feel proud of each others accomplishments and that’s definitely a great quality in a band. With that being said, I’ll come to the album. When I heard it for the first time, it was definitely a very interesting album. The best thing about it is that every song on it is different and has its own identity. Still after that, the album is an example of very cohesive writing by the band, something Christian very strongly believes in. Matt stated,”The point in time when I realized that Circuitry had a future was during the song writing process. Basically, it was when Christian wrote the chorus for States of Existence.

Coming back to the band, the guys at Circuitry are absolutely insane. They are incredible musicians and the typical cool people that you’d want to grab a couple of beers with. They also completely emphasize on how they are absolutely sexy beings and all of them carry a twisted sense of humor. Take my advice and be sure to listen to them and befriend them on facebook, they don’t bite. Not to hard to catch them.

Here are the ways to catch them on Social Media: FacebookTwitterInstagram

Catch their music here: Bandcamp

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf8e4JEWc54fhZK-3pn4dkQTt1E09xuOj

Buy the CD and Merch here: Big Cartel


In addition here are a few non music related Circuitry Fun Facts:

  • Christian is actually the ruler of Christians, Joel would love to be Joseph Smith and Matt wants to be the leader of Jediism.
  • The band has three stunningly handsome men, Matt is the best looking of them all also youngest, explains it. (re-mentioning).
  • The band loves video games, there are their individual favourites are:Christian: Golden Eye, Agent Under Fire; Joel: Fox 64, Donkey Kong Country, Half-Life 2; Matt: Metal Gear Solid 3, Donkey Kong 64, Half- Life 2.
  • They are fascinated by Ebola. Joel even wrote a great song about it.
  • Joel likes to eat anything that was once alive after being heated a little as his mid-night snack.
  • Matt’s favourite 3rd world country is Africa because drums (yeah I didn’t know Africa was a country either).
  • Christian wants to work out with Greg Puciato and drinks muscle milk in the middle of the night.
  • Christian is a very talented artist, he’s worked on some really interesting cartoons and a few album covers.
  • Lex Steele appears secretly in every Circuitry track.
  • The band is a pack of multi-talented musicians who will start a band-aid company soon. (not band-aids from Almost Famous and not the thing that helps stop bleeding wounds).
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