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What’s the sound of…. February!?

February is nearly over, and what the hell, its been a great month with awesome records!

Here are my Top 10 records of February!

hotel of the laughing


Artist: Hotel Of The Laughing Tree

Album: New World Sundown

Release date: 1st February

Genre: Progressive Rock/Alternative Rock

Personal Rating: 7.5/10

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HOTLT is one of my most interesting discoveries in the prog rock sector of the last few years. I really love the happy-folk and indie touch of the sounds, the experiments, and the overall great vocals!



Artist: Vola

Album: Inmazes

Release date: 2nd February

Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock/Experimental

Personal Rating: 10/10

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Yeah. What else is there to say about this outstanding piece of music? Vola is love, Inmazes is brilliant. One of the strongest debut full-lengths I’ve ever heard and one of my new favorite bands. Not to mention a very strong contender for my favorite record of 2015.



Artist: Tigran Hamasyan

Album: Mockroot

Release date: 17th February

Genre: Jazz/Folk/Avantgarde /Experimental

Personal Rating: 9/10

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Tigran. Hamasyan. A name that everyone who is interested in modern jazz should know. This dude is the future and this record is another step to the throne of jazz.



Artist: Sumac

Album: The Deal

Release date: 3rd February

Genre: Sludge/Post Metal

Personal Rating: 8/10

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God, I love supergroups. The only thing that I love even more than supergroups are supergroups with Aaron Turner (ex-Isis). Not to mention Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) on the drums and as session star: Brain Cooks (Russian Circles, ex-Botch, ex-These Arms Are Snakes). Yeah, take that. Take it and enjoy it!

The Hybrid - Versus Inertia (2015)


Artist: The Hybrid

Album: Versus Inertia

Release date: 9th February

Genre: Math Metal/Progressive Metal

Personal Rating: 8/10

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Very interesting stuff! Great vocals, hard-hitting grooves, and magnificent leads. Never heard anything from this band before, but this record makes me hungry for more!



Artist: Stonebringer

Album: Those Winds

Release date: 9th February

Genre: Stoner Rock/Metal

Personal Rating: 7/10

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A very cool stoner rock diamond came around with Stonebringer’s newest output Those Winds. Relaxed when it has to be relaxed, groovy and straight forward in the right times. Very elaborate songwriting, deep atmospheres, and an overall top-notch stoner record.



Artist: Harkla

Album: Thousands Of Machines

Release date: 15th February

Genre: Math Metal/Progressive Metal

Personal Rating: 9/10

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You need to know only one thing about this gem. If you love Meshuggah or Vildjharta, you will adore this. Really. I’ve listened to this angry monster several times in the last few weeks and it blew me away every time!



Artist: Sullen

Album: Post Human

Release date: 10th February

Genre: Progressive Metal/Math Metal/Experimental

Personal rating: 9/10

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Ohhhhhh yeah. I’m enjoying this little beauty right now, and… breathtaking! Amazing fretwork and the atmosphere is so damn intense. Fans of Proghma-C will appreciate this for sure!



Artist: Platonick Dive

Album: Overflow

Release date: 17th February

Genre: Post Rock/Electronic

Personal rating: 8.5/10

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Heavy rotation at the moment. Exactly my kind of stuff for rainy Sundays or as my lullaby. Epic melodies and beautiful electronic sounds. Great stuff!



Artist: Sanguine Hum

Album: Now We Have Light

Release date: 20th February

Genre: Progressive Rock

Personal rating: 9/10

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Take me on a lonely island and give me 10 Prog Rock records. I love this genre. Sanguine Hum can be one of the picks. Perfect balance between modern and classic prog rock, and sooooooo many great details. And dudes…..this voice! THIS VOICE!


Thanks for scrolling through this, next installment appears next month (surprise!).

Same place, same wave!

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