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In Focus: Poetry in Telegrams

“Our songs are like short musical telegrams.”

Johny explained while describing the meaning behind his band name,

“Minimalist and poetic. I wanted a clear and appropriate name for my project” 

Poetry In Telegrams is the solo project of Johny Štefeček. Since starting in 2013, he has released numerous singles and an EP. His latest work, a debut EP entitled Songs For Desperate Lovers, was released last December and has gained him attention all across his home country of Slovakia. He plays both seven and eight string guitars alongside guest drummer Thomas Lang from Los Angeles. All his songs are mixed and mastered in Germany by Roland Grapow. Johny also covers his own songs on the ukulele. 

Johny has a lot of extensive experience under his belt –even before working on Poetry In Telegrams. For example, he played in various bands of different genres such as Diadem, Introvarts, and Feelme before starting Poetry In Telegrams. However, this is his first solo project which means this is unchartered waters for him.

When listening to songs such as ‘Juliet & Romeo’ and ‘God/Goddess’, it is clear that the music of Poetry In Telegrams is inspired by a melting pot of different musical influences. Johny grew up listening to the likes of ABBA and Mike Oldfield but he is also a fan of metal and it’s subgenres, grunge and classical music. Examples of his favourite bands and artists include Animals As Leaders, Alice in Chains and A. Vivaldi. Despite being inspired by so many talented artists, Johny ensures that his music is constantly unique and is one step ahead of his peers. 


Another big factor on his song writing is his schooling. Johny graduated from university with a degree in philosophy, theology and teaching. He strongly believes that his degree has given him a new, critical-thinking mind which has opened him up to new belief systems and has also expanded his horizons in terms of song writing:

“[it] make[s] you think about everything and re-evaluate ideas. [It] create[s] a background for your view on the world.” 

He is also a firm believer in that his experiences in life have also played a part in the creation of his music –especially with his lyrics. Johny also finds inspiration in the world around him:

“I feel like a bystander who observes the world and the lyrics are my thoughts and ideas.”

 Johny has found solace in music. Since being a musician for many years, music lives within him. It has become his life support and has broadened his artistic vision. Despite the high demands that come with it, Johny finds worth in living a life enriched by music:

“I couldn’t live without music. It’s extremely important to me. Music requests a lot, but it gives back much more.”


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