INTERVIEW: A Complex Interview With God Mother

Well, maybe the interview isn’t as complex as the circumstances we did it under at Complexity Fest 2018 in the wonderful city of Haarlem, Netherlands. I got the chance to meet up with Sweden’s talented up-and-coming grind-/mathcore group God Mother, who gathered a lot of good reputation due to their supporting of The Dillinger Escape Plan. Now that Dillinger are gone, they are named the future of the genre. Well, a little complex thing before the interview: as we did the interview with the band in full, it got a bit confusing as to who was speaking while transcribing it, so I collected it as God Mother, speaking for the whole band.


* * *


It Djents: Hey! How do you feel about playing this festival today?

God Mother: The venue is very big and professional. You can even hear the concert going on backstage. And I’m very excited for our stage, because there are stairs, a balcony and a lot of stuff to climb on. There are also lights on the stairs, which feels like a highschool prom, if you know what I mean.


ID: Haha, yeah, so you will use the venue as your place to perform?

GM: We’ll see what we can do, but we have a little surprise as a back-up!


ID: And your live show, is it planned or improvised?

GM: It’s a bit of both. We are indeed very organized with our setlist, but we don’t plan what we do while playing. We have some elements in our performance that come back. Also there are slots in the set where we can do this, but it’s mostly improvised. We don’t program lights or stuff like this. If we would ever do this, we need to practice, haha!


ID: I’ve seen you live on tour with TDEP and at Brutal Assault, where you’ve been the very first band of more than 120. How did it feel to start a festival?

GM: Well, this was the biggest show of our experience and somehow felt super weird, because we were the first band. So we didn’t know what to expect and there would be maybe 100 people or something, but there’ve been more than 1000! Really cool.

My strap broke and I hurt myself, but overall I was so happy because it was a great show“. Czech Republic seem to like heavy noises and blast beats!

ID: Tell me about the reception of your new record!

GM: It’s been over our expectations. We got a lot of good reviews from big blogs and are very happy about this. It was also the first time we had some PR from magazines. We also released songs earlier, which we never did before. The first release on a record label as well, as we did everything by ourselves in the past. It will make more people listen to our music. Also the people are way more nice in emails, they reach out to us and tell us they like our music. It was much bigger for us in every aspect!


ID: And are you already working on new stuff?

GM: We have a couple of songs ready, but we don’t have a studio date or something. We need to writemore, but it will hopefully take not too long.


ID: Speaking of too long. Your songs are quite compact and short. When do you know a song has its correct length?

GM: Sometimes we write a 2-3 minute song and we usually take away stuff so it becomes about one minute. It’s done when it’s as compact and intense as possible. We get down to a minute or a half, but initially it’s a way longer song. We just keep the really good riffs and throw away the rest. Our music has to be as intense as possible, and music is more intense when it’s short!

ID: I can imagine that your music isn’t for everyone. How do you feel about people stating that you don’t even play music?

GM: I get their point of view, because it’s hard to get into this kind of music. For me it started with Black Sabbath and Slayer. The first time I heard TDEP I couldn’t understand it, because it was too weird for me. I went on, listened to bands like Meshuggah and got behind this with time.


ID: You said TDEP. Tell me, how did you get on tour with them?

GM: We basically reached out to them when they were coming to Stockholm. They had no support and we wrote them at Party Smasher, asking to sign us, as our album was done. We also asked if we could open for them. Afterwards we asked for the European tour and got it as well.

We’ve been a strictly basement-show DIY band. Getting to support Dillinger was so big for us and the European show was also weird. It sounds a bit strange, but it only happened because of the bus crash. It happened one day after our show. Don’t get me wrong, we are glad the guys are alright! But without that they would’ve continued their tour and we wouldn’t have supported them on their rescheduled run. They’ve been so nice to us!


ID: And how do you feel about the fact that they broke up now?

GM: I get why they did it. They’ve been a full touring band for 20 years with very intense live shows and this won’t be possible for them in 10-15 years. They always go 100%. You cant do this forever. They ended on top of their career and they are as big as they never were. It was also the biggest tour they ever played when we supported them, which is even more of an honor.


ID: At the end, is there anything you would like to add?

GM: It’s nice to be here, hope people are having a great time!


* * *


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