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I got the chance to catch the trio Arcane Roots on their first date of their European tour in Wiesbaden. Their record Melancholia Hymns was one of my favourites in 2017, and I got some interesting answers to my questions!


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It Djents writer Rodney interviewing Arcane Roots in the backstage

It Djents: Hey guys! You’re going to play Wiesbaden tonight, how was the tour cycle so far?

Andrew: It’s great, this is the first date in (mainland) Europe and we already had great weeks in the UK. This time we’ve done this tour backwards. Usually we do London at the end, but we did it the second day, so it wasn’t as stressful, as usual. On every tour we try to create a new set and lighting. And now we are only working on playing a straight and tight show. It feels relaxed.


ID: Is it different for you to play in mainland Europe?

Andrew & Daryl: It’s a lot of fun. After two weeks in UK we are always bored of it, because we know the venues, the people and all. And it’s fun to explore new venues and meet new people, it’s a bit more exciting for us, haha.


ID: So do you use these new places for sightseeing as well?

Andrew: It’s a bit difficult sometimes. We have a lot of stuff to arrange. Last couple of tours have been intense but we found a nice rhythm. We are dreaming of being a support band again, where you don’t have a lot of responsibility, but it’s always very high on our list to get somewhere and have some time to see our sights.

ID: Speaking of the current tour, is there a place you are looking forward to the most?

Andrew: I am excited to get back to Spain, especially Barcelona. We’ve already been there, did a few supports and festivals. But we never did a headline show in Spain. Of course also Germany. We never did those “headline cities“. A lot of our favourite shows have been abroad. For us as a band it’s always nice to have something new. You have energy to perform and meet new people. This tour is a quite full of new places.


ID: You got Jamie Lenman as a support, a musician who you are really looking up to according to the interview our writer Pete did in September! How does it feel to have him as a support?

Andrew: *Jokes around* It’s absolutely rubbish, we hated having him from second one.
No, it’s an honor, we three of us wouldn’t be around here without him. I wasn’t into heavy music in any form until I got into Reuben. It’s a big girly mancrush for me all over the day. And there is nothing that feels strange, I really more enjoy going on tour like this. There is a pride like “this is the best time in town tonight“! It’s always the same. When everyone is having a good show. It’s nice to have someone like Jamie with us and bring on a good show.

ID: This might sound funny but how different is it for you to headline in comparison to supporting a band like Muse?

*All laugh*

Adam: Bit smaller. I guess giving that exmaple you have to learn to feel a stage differently. It was so hard! There’s a big space to fill and there’s only three of us. Maybe you give a bit more energy… With our own shows and lights it’s very diferent. A whole different process. We don’t have to feel the space as much.

Andrew: It’s definitely more complicated, but strange, because our show just goes. It’s quite satisfying. But it’s nice to know that this is happening for the next 90 mins. At the Muse show it was more about trying to get the people over, but there’s nothing like seeing our fans having a good time.

Arcane Roots on stage.


ID: Is there a band you would love to support sometime?

Andrew: Deftones would be pretty cool! I would love to do this, if you’re reading this (which you should be)… I would like to play with Everything Everything, Incubus; they have been a big influence. Foo Fighters: that’d be fun, but that’s a big stage to fill. Those really big bands would be it (hahaha).


ID: Let’s talk about your record Melancholia Hymns, are there things you would like to change? Are you happy with the response you got?

Andrew: What I like is that little space when no one has heard our record and the record is only for me. But after this one I didn’t because I was afraid to hear something that I want to change. And there are some of the smallest things but I probably can’t remember them now. Its amazing how your brain pastes over stuff and certainly bringing the songs on stage is so nice to hear where they go. We settled on the idea when we recorded it we are leaving it in a place, we are not finishing it. We are working on it live and adding things to it. It’s still in a teenage place, it still feels new, and we’re still really learning about ourselves through it.


ID: You are working a lot more with synthesizers right now. Is this something to grab on for the future as well?

Daryl: I think we are not stopping where we are. We keep exploring new things and new elements, we are on a learning curve, trying to cooperate them the best way in our songs. We all agree with getting just comfortable with it now, I think. The more you do it the better you get. The idea is to kinda get even further.

ID: So how would Arcane Roots future music sound like?

Andrew: Like this! ‘does some beatboxing’

Daryl: That was the intro of the next record.

Andrew: Just like I said, this band has always been about not filtering stuff and more about what the music is you wanna hear. You kinda love to have something like this. Daily we have the opportunity. When we got into Melancholia Hymns we learned about how to adress it. Take these things that was painful and hard to assimilate for so long. Now it feels so comfortable and nice when we’re playing it. And now we can take it further, also the visual aspect. It’s a joy to know that we can work on this. We can now think of how we want to sound and look on stage. We truly kicked the doors open to do anything we want to do. We can do a little bit of piano, and synth and what about what we did on “Curtains“ and we put the album out. Bigger, nastier, fatter, wider, more majestic, more immediate, anticipating the people more. More of anything!


ID: Even more melancholic?

Andrew: Actually probably the opposite, we are keen to do something very immediate, and embrase the electronic side of things, more in an industrial sense, and interlock these elements more in the writing process than in production. We are just excited to go sailing somewhere new, keep pushing and see whereever our imagination takes, and that’s a nice feeling.


ID: So are you already planning on starting the songwriting for your next album?

Andrew: Now! It has already happened, you missed it!


ID: My bad!

Andrew: It starts the day the last record finishes. It’s weird, when you’re stressed and there are so many things that your brain is concentrating on. But the second it finishes, it starts again. We already talked about ideas, couple of songs, the first track on the record etc.. We are about choosing how to get on it and making our lives even harder with it, haha. Excited to start, taking this pidgeon language that we put together and now have a fluid conversation.


ID: This sounds indeed very promising. Is there anything you would like to add?

Andrew: Keep on djentin’, hahaha. I am excited. There is something coming out and hopefully soon we will start on the new album!


* * *


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