INTERVIEW: Arnaud Verrier Of Uneven Structure

On their run with Twelve Foot Ninja (you can read our live review here) we sat down with Arnaud Verrier, drummer for Uneven Structure. Within roughly half an hour, we talked about the tour, as well as the process behind their newest opus La Partition and what the future will bring!


ID: Hey Arnaud, how are you doing? Tell us about the past days on tour!

AV: It was fucking amazing! I have to admit; Twelve Foot and us have been a bit anxious about sharing the bus, because none of us did this before, and sharing the bus was strange, as we didn’t knew them. So we didn’t knew if the guys are nice or assholes, are they clean or dirty? We all had the same thoughts but it ended up being fantastic! We have a specific set of rules to keep it clean and it works perfect. All the shows have been amazing, there have been many sold out shows in the UK. This is something we wouldn’t have expected.
The crowds have been cheerful, heartwarming and welcoming. Lots of people discovered us and then supported us, as we had same crowd as Twelve Foot Ninja. All the pople came inside for us as well, even if they came for Twelve Foot Ninja. We all know situations where people only come for the headliner and totally forget about the opening bands. Also Twelve Foot Ninja have the best crew, very organised an professional. All venues have been amazing, we also had some days off in wonderful cities!

ID: Tell me about that day offs, did you do some sightseeing?

AV: Yes of course, whenever we had the time! Unfortunately the places we have the less time to do this were the big cities, like London or Berlin. But we had two day offs in Barcelona to party and do sightseeing.


ID: That sounds truly awesome! Have there been outstanding experiences?

AV: Well, it’s overwhelming, when you get up in the bus that is still riding to just open the windows and you see the best landscapes. Like crossing the border to Germany you can see the alps, it was a bliss. Or the Italian border. You see amazing mountains, forests, even some snow on top, haha. Having a view like this during breakfast is stunning. You just want to go their and stay there for three days with camping stuff, haha!


ID: And on the other side, tell me about the worst day on tour!

AV: Actually, we only had some technical issues, but nothing big as the crew is absolutely professional. Some monitors have been lacking, but those are tiny problems. The worst that had happened was a rainy day in Munich. It was boring, and we looked for a McDonalds like 4 hours, in the rain, which was cold. Not that much exciting, but the worst that happened. First world problem, haha!

ID: Let’s talk about La Partition. How does it feel to have it out now?

AV: It’s been that much of an emotional rollercoaster. All the way through this past two years. We didn’t even realized that it was out, and everyone could listen to it. It was a struggle until the last minute, because we did it all by ourselves. So you are never sure enough that it’s good and people are going to like it. You are always comparing to other bands. You just need to let it out at some times, and we gave it to our label in Long Branch, who did an amazing job. Fucking amazing team; they took it, with not trying to modify it, just taking it as it is and pushing it out best way they could.

Summarized: It feels great that it’s now out. We are empty handed and we could even start thinking about another one!

ID: And the reception? Are you happy with it? I know our writer Pete gave it a 10/10! (read our review here)

AV: Man, that was so cool! We had plenty of amazing reviews, plenty of people that only bashed us, which is funny to us. When we saw the It Djents review we were like: ‘ahh great’! We are on this turning point, because It Djents is the reference for so many people, so many growing bands, and following Uneven Structure for a long now. As for many bands, if it’s like It Djents-approved, you know you did a decent job! So it’s been great for us. I don’t know who posted the link in our messenger but we all read it and we all were like ‘shit yes, that’s not something you see every day, its such an honor!’

ID: That’s great to hear! So do you have a personal favourite song on this new record?

AV: It evolves, because we have been listening to, working on it and now we play the songs live. So what may have been a favourite song might be our most hated one, now that we have to play it, haha. My personal preference would be “The Bait“, because you have everyting going on. It comes in smooth and is on the darkest side of our album. It builds up for eight minutes until it’s total chaos, and leads to a disastreous end of the album.

An emotional rollercoaster itself, regarding everything going on inside. So fun to play live, just like let it all out. It’s also the last song on this setlist on tour, all the rage comes out and is emptying ourselves. After that we’re coming from stage, all just human bodies, not much more, haha.

ID: That sounds like a proper ending to a show! Let’Ss talk about your time in the band. You joined the band 2 years ago, how was it to com in this band, Februus, huge debut, feel under pressure?

AV: A tiny bit, but at the same time, I knew the guys for a few years when we all were together in Paris on several shows. These guys are so easy going and nice, the mood was always really good. They don’t take themselves too serious and there was not much of pressure. It was more the pressure that I put on myself. Because when I joined, I was like: i am your drummer, but also one of your biggest fans. That was most stressful for me. I wouldn’t have wanted to take the responsibility for fucking up a show or something. I wanted just to fit in and bring as much as I could to the band. This mostly was a huge personal lesson and progress. It required me to give my very best all the time, and in the meantime, we had an excellent time together. We are bandmates but also best friends! Whenever we are out of the band we spend a lot time together and just chill, party, go to the beach, whatever. It’s quite similar with the guys in Twelve Foot Ninja.


ID: Tell me how long did you atively participate on the songwriting of La Partition. And how long was said process in general?

AV: It’s been in the process since Februus. The guys wanted to come out with a new record fast, but they were like empty; they felt as they said everything they had to say on Februus, so they just turned around in circles trying. But it didn’t work. It properly started like 2014, writing material that would fit and might become a new album. Since doing everything by ourselves it’s like one step forward and two steps backwards, because we are composiong, recording, mixing, mastering – all the same time. And it truly takes a lot of time! We didn’t do a proper step by step progress, it was mixed. I only arrived in the middle of the composition process, so I only have been arranging some drum parts. Igor is doing a fantastic job on the drum writing, so I was mostly bringing in my soul and personal vision. Some ideas when it comes to mixing, mastering or arrangements, but i didn’t have properly worked on the skelleton of the songs, which is the work of Igor and Matthieu. We all came together and brought in stuff, but especially on the instrumentals it’s mostly Igor. The process only ended when everyone of us is a 100% happy with the result!

ID: Just imagine the band would have come up with a new record straight after Februus, what do you think where Uneven Structure would stand today? Also do you think that additional producers would have eased the process?

AV: I don’t know, we dont think like that… We think that we want to do something that is true to ourselves and to our vision. And doing another one so quick after Februus wouldn’t have worked for me, as far as I know the guys. They weren’t ready, mature, and didn’t evolve enough to do another record. Because Februus had a wonderful reception as you said. So if you want to grow as a band you can only top it off. This is what the band led to take that much time. I whish we could work with other persons around but I think we might be too picky. To have someone to have the responsibility to manipulate our product… well for now, it’s not something we come up with. I know a lot of people would have loved to have another one earlier, but this feels like the right moment now, we needed this time. Even if we probably lost fans in the process because we changed or they lost their interest. We had to do it this way.

ID: Do you think the next record is coming up earlier than six years?

AV: Hopefully the next record won’t take as long, because we are really eager to release music now. There have been a few lineup changes, so there is a new team, new ideas, new infuences brought in.. so that might help us getting a new record together way quicker, which is what we want!

ID: So are you already collecting ideas, or empty as the guys have been after the release of Februus?

AV: We don’t limit ourselves and say that now is not a time for a creative process. Whenever someone has an idea, he records it down and puts it somewhere. And when the time will come to acutally get into songwriting, we get everything together and see what we have and if it’s good enough. It’s gonna go way quicker this time, I tell you; we are already excited to work on a new album all together. Because it’s really new circumstances for us and it’s gonna be way easier and enjoyable for everyone. It has been quite a destroying process on La Partition, so it’s only going to be better now.


ID: That sounds promising, I hope the best! But let me know, why did you pick the title La Partition? Did you want to connect with your roots with picking a French title?

AV: Not that much, it’s like the concept of the album turns around this “Partition“, this sheet music (sheet, not shit music, haha), and we just evolved around this concept. The final word that came to us to represent this album was this sheet music. But if you name your album Sheet Music it doesn’t work. So La Partition sounded way better and was bringing this blink of a French touch with it. It’s nothing more but simply sounded better in French!


ID: Last off, is there anything you would like to say to our community?

AV: I’ve been growing in this community. I’ve discovered djent pretty lately, but It Djents has been a reference to me ever since. So I am super excited to be on the other side of getting interviewed now. We are really willing to hit the road hard this and especially next yeat, so I hope to see all of you somewhere around the world. Thanks to you and everyone that will read this interview. Glory, hail, It Djents!

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