INTERVIEW: Arnór Dan Arnarson Of Agent Fresco About New Record

We got the chance to meet up with Arnór Dan Arnarson of Agent Fresco to talk about their current tour with Leprous, the band’s future and dogs!


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It Djents: Hey Arnór, obvious question first: How was the tour so far?

Arnór Dan Arnarson: Amazing! The main thing is that fans of both bands were asking us to tour together. We didn’t know the guys in Leprous before last year. When listening to them we realized that we have a lot in common and it would make sense to tour together! Every single show was amazing. Sometimes one of the bands has a smaller audience at a place, but then the other comes in. Leprous had more fans in France, while we have a big base in Germany. We are introducing our bands to new people and it works out perfectly. We are also pushing us a lot! Leprous got way more energetic and powerful on stage, whilst we are going to step up our stage production for our next tour. It’s so inspiring, and we are creating a bigger audience, together!


ID: Does it feel very different to your previous tours?

ADA: The last time we did a support it was with Katatonia a year ago. That was amazing, we got introduced to many new people as well. But it was further way form our music… there was nights where we thought “yeah the people were digging it“, but also those where people haven’t been that open minded and got problems with our music. Here it’s so easy to communicate, to feel with the crowd as well. I go to merch stand every single night after Leprous, to hear people saying that they came for us, but now are in love with Leprous as well! It’s a win-win-situation, for everyone. We also are big fans of each others music!


ID: Tell me, have there been outstanding shows on this tour?

ADA: Not really one, I think we should reverse the question and ask, if there was any show that was not good, and the answer is no. Maybe there was some „filler“ shows on tours before, but not this time. And a down show was only like a physical or mental point, when I had a cold, which didn’t effect the voice too much luckily. Copenhagen was insane, madness in Russia, in Madrid the people were shouting ‘Agent Fresco‘ . There’s a difference in the behavior, but I think it’s a cultural question.

ID: You are playing a new song on this tour, is there a name? What is it about?

ADA: I haven’t given a title yet, because we still may be changing it a little bit. Also I don’t give titles that early in the process. On ly in the end when it’s done. It feels finished and we know what it’s about. I just don’t want people to write about titles before it’s released. For now it’s called “Hundurinn“, which is Icelandic for ‘the dog’ and an inside joke in the band. No title yet, but the song will hopefully come out as soon as we get back home and record it.


ID: Tell me about he new song, what does it reflect?

ADA: Toti is the maestro of all our instrumentals, he writes the demos and I interpret whatever I feel like into that landscape that he creates. I know that he has ideas, I haven’t talked to him what I am singing about, I know what the emotions are; it’s not hopelessness, but it’s just like a song about this one line that says it all: “there must be more than this“ it puts everything on it.

It comes from everything: relationship with people, the entire situation in the world – I get depressed about the state of the world every single day. Whether it’s cruelty towards humans, or lack of empathy, or how we treat animals on the earth. It’s a song that I hope people can relate to in their own situation, but it’s mainly getting a release of that. It’s a beautiful world we live in and it’s a tragedy we don’t treat it better. The song is set up as a conversation. But more on this when it’s released. More depressing stuff like that coming up as well.


ID: Do you already have a time span in mind for a new Agent Fresco release?

ADA: No, I feel like we definitely won’t take that long as last time, because that was a complete mess and personally I tried to do something that I couldn’t do. I really fought to put a lot of anger and issues into the making of the album, as if that would help me cleanse myself in a very artistic way, to get some kind of closure with the negativity. But that wasn’t the case. I had some stuff to work out but also a lot of anxiety, the voice didn’t work and lots of wasted studio time as well. But this time Toti and I are very excited to get things done quickly. We are working more together as a collaboration, and balance the ideas. I wrote the melodies on the new song for example. The dream would be late 2018, realistic it might be early 2019.


ID: Speaking of dogs, how much do you miss your dog?

ADA: Fuck me, today was a difficult day because my girlfriend is sending me way too many videos of my dog, I do miss her. It’s the most difficult thing on tour. Missing your friends, family and girlfriend is something else. They know you are away, you can communicate through facetime, but the animal doesn’t know. Also it’s healthy to be away a little bit; you come back and have new energy.

She (the dog) calms me down a lot, I am missing that a little bit. I am a big animal lover, every time i see a dog on this tour I almost steal and hug them. That’s why I asked people to give me hugs and chocolate on tour, haha. I got so much, my boobs are getting bigger, and I need some rehab and training sessions when I’m back home, haha!


ID: So there will be a lot of workouts when you’re home and not just relaxing?

ADA: Oh yeah I always think that when I’m back I’m going to chiropractic, masseur, spa, and stuff. But actually I’m getting to the same routine: work, write music and gym. There is a routine to get into, but this time I might have some time for myself, to treat myself and some alone time with my girlfriend and dog.

ID: I experienced that you have this very close and intimate connection to crowd, do you really want to hug them all?

ADA: Eirik from Astrosaur asked me, how i feel with VIP packages, meeting with fans and stuff. Honestly, that’s just my personal perspective, I totally respect other musicians and stuff if they don’t think so, but I am just a person that feels kind of an introvert but also a huge extrovert. Like an opened book and I feed of energy of other people. Getting to the merch table after show empowers me, even if it’s only a hug, or a simple thank you, it gives you a lot! During the show I love it. In “The Autumn Red“ (which is a song about the lack of empathy) I am connecting with people, dancing with them. I thought it was fun to do and yeah it is! I don’t like it when people give me too much space, I want them to come! It’s the craziest honor we can get, feeling this connection. That’s why I love music. It’s so personal!


ID: You took a white microphone cable on this tour, was there a specific idea behind it?

ADA: That’s a very minimal thing, we dont have any visuals, we have a backdrop (that doesn’t fit in the most venues, haha). Vignir and Toti got white Fenders, and we have been always black. So it would be cool if they would be purified in a contrast to the performance. I just love keeping my own cable and mic, it feels nice and the white one looks better on photographs. That’s al, nothing deep, haha. You can interpret it in every way you want.I guess that’s just my stage thing.


ID: So is there anything you would like to add to this conversation or to state to our community?

ADA: I am so thankful for all the love and energy and the heartfelt gratitude of people supporting us. It have been seven shows right now that sold out, Berlin is going to be sold out as well. It’s an honor to be a part of this and be able to perform in front of all those people. The new song and album are gonna be THE HEAVIEST SHIT YOU EVER HEARD… eeer no, haha. But we are not going to release anything without making us incredibly proud, that’s all I can say. We are really excited to get back! It’s time for us to focus on a new album and get back with a headline tour in future, but we would love to get back on a support slot with Leprous as well. Fingers crossed for another tour next year!


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Thanks to Arnór for taking the time to answer these questions! If you, for whatever reason, haven’t checked out Agent Fresco, go do so immediately – and thank me later. Also, make sure to follow them on Facebook to not miss any future updates on tours, new music, etc.!

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