INTERVIEW: Atlantis Chronicles

This year at Euroblast festival, held in Cologne, Germany, we managed to catch up with the formidable Atlantis Chronicles. Joining us was drummer Sydney Taieb, whose drumming talent was incredible to witness live. Atltantis Chronicles hail from Paris, France, and last year, they released their second album Barton’s Odyssey to critical acclaim. Playing an intense brand of technical death metal, Atlantis Chronicles blend neo-classical guitar sweeps with thundering drums and roaring vocals, with the band absolutely soaking in talent.

Both of the band’s records pay tribute to the great blue, and through the use of well-crafted samples give the listener a sense of being wrapped up in the dark, twisted depths of the ocean. The band have been out on the road promoting the latest record for the last 18 months, Euroblast being one of the last stops on a whopping tour which spanned two continents and over 80 shows.

The show was one of the highlights of Euroblast for myself and others I spoke to at the show, with Atlantis Chronicles opening the main stage on the second day. In my opinion they should’ve been on at 5/6pm; the band’s performance and records are criminally underrated in the tech metal scene. Former lead singer Antoine tore up the stage with a presence that was mesmerising, bassist Simon’s tones were an absolute delight too, with a thick meaty tone that stood out against the aforementioned neo-classical blend smashed out by expert sweepers Julien and Alex. Finally, our man Sydney seemed to bend time and space with his double kicks, his feet moving so damn fast they looked like they were warping.

Check out the interview below, and be sure to pick up their records on Bandcamp, whilst keeping up to date with Atlantis Chronicles on Facebook.

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