INTERVIEW: Austin Archey of LORNA SHORE “Never Stop Trying, It’s Never Too Late”

Before venturing off on the “Enslave America 2016” tour with Fit For An AutopsyNo Zodiac, and Face Your MakerLorna Shore drummer, Austin Archey, spared a few minutes to talk with us about tour life, his musical progression, and the future of his band. They just released a brand new single, “The Absolution of Hatred”, and the drum work is as chaotic and lightening speed as ever. The blazing fast percussionist is more than meets the eye though, and has more sides to his musical influence than just metal:

ID: Not even after a week after a short Northeastern run, you guys announce a killer US tour with Fit For An Autopsy, No Zodiac, and Face Your Maker. How does it feel to soon be venturing out on the road again, and with such a sick lineup?

AA: “It’s really sick to have such a punishing lineup all comprised of what some would call  “underground” bands. Being from the same state as FFAA, we knew it was only a matter of time before we could link up with those guys and tour. It’s always a pleasure playing with them. As far as No Zodiac, I never thought we’d be touring with them, but damn, am I excited! It’s going to get rough [laughs].”


ID: How do you mentally and physically prepare yourself for tours like these where you’ll be on the road for almost 3 weeks, sometimes longer?
AA: “A lot of times, there is no time to prepare when you have a job and need to work every hour you can before you leave in order to have money. However, it’s good to see anyone you are going to miss while you’re gone, and hit the gym a little to make sure you’re in top, top shape.”
ID: How would you say your drumming has evolved, both influentially and artistically, from the Maleficium EP to Psalms?
AA: “Maleficium was the first really heavy record that I wrote on drums like that. It was a lot of learning how to keep up with my guitarist, Adam. On Psalms, I just wanted to completely shred face and write the hardest parts [laughs], but in all seriousness, I’ve just been practicing more death metal styles, as well as staying true to myself, which I feel has always separated my style from others.”
ID:  Can we expect some new Lorna Shore jams in the coming months?
AA: “YOU SURE CAN. Sooner than you think.”
ID:  Who have you played with before you joined Lorna Shore?
AA: “I started my first band when I was 10, played shows when I was 12, and kind of just bounced around to different bands as the times went on. Lorna Shore has been my first touring band. I joined when I was 18.”
ID: Besides metal, what are your other favorite genres of music, either for listening to or playing?
AA: “Hip hop, anything obnoxious that’s on the radio, Drake. I like a lot of chill instrumental bands, as well as some post rock like From Indian Lakes or the band Failure.”


ID: Who are some of the bands that influenced your drumming style and got you into heavier music?

AA: “Job For A Cowboy is number one. I remember when I joined the band, Adam, our guitarist, gave me a mix to listen to of what I needed to sound like on the drums haha; it was JFAC, Necrophagist, The Faceless, The Red Shore, and Abigail Williams, all bands that we draw influence from hard in our writing.”

ID: Do you feel that drumming is more physically or mentally demanding, or is it 50/50?
AA: “It’s a mental game in front of a crowd for sure. However, it’s physically demanding to able to achieve certain goals such as tempos or techniques.”


ID: What advice would you give to aspiring artists around the world that would love to create a career through their passions as well?
AA: “Know that it’s a long lonely road anywhere. Continue to drive yourself and keep motivated. Consistency is key, and never stop trying; it’s never too late.”
ID: Finally, what would you like to see come of the future of Lorna Shore?

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