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We recently got the chance to talk to Dead Letter Circus about their newest output, The Endless Mile, which was an acoustic version of the band’s debut EP, The Mile. This came with the 10th year anniversary and included other songs as well. A brief insight on the album is as follows: “If you wanted to hear a broadened, more dynamic interpretation of Dead Letter Circus‘ music, you will love this. If you never liked Dead Letter Circus, give it a try.” You can read the full review over here! Don’t miss on why they decided to do a Reggae version of one of their songs!

It Djents: When and why did you decide to do an acoustic record?

Dead Letter Circus: We’d briefly explored this path in the past on a small scale as bond material for an album and always wanted to explore that world more with a proper album and dive in as deep as we do on a regular DLC record. When the 10th Year anniversary came around we thought it was the perfect time to do this. It took about a month in the studio.

ID: Have you thought about composing new songs that are acoustic only?

DLC: I doubt that DLC will do this kind of thing again as we feel like we have accomplished something unique, but I may personally do something like this on a solo record for sure.

ID: Do you think you will be doing this for another record as well in future?

DLC: Definitely not. I feel like what we did was super original and unique, and now we’ve done it, it’s done.

ID: And how did you rearrange those songs? How much work was behind this process?

DLC: We basically took it right back to the lyrics and asked ourselves the question posed by the song and tried to write the track as if for the first time with the alternative universe version of the band. No comfort zone allowed.

ID: Have there been special influences on the work behind “The Endless Mile”?

DLC: I guess for me one thing I found interesting was the 10 year thing. It’s a monumental amount of time in anyone’s life and with every song being about a revelation in relation to a question that was thrown my way,  I found often I had grown right past the original concept but somehow it still applied to me in a different context. It was an epic experience!

ID: I really enjoyed your new version of “Are We Closer”. Tell me about the writing and why you choose this sound.

DLC: We were previewing versions of the songs to Forrester Savell, who produced the original EP but wasn’t working on this. He would walk in and play ‘guess the song’. We showed him a version of “Are we Closer” that was pretty epic and dark and he made a really good point that we default to dark and epic and there was enough of that on the record already. As a joke he said,  ‘what about a reggae song?’. Just fooling around Luke Palmer and I started jamming it in that format and literally the first time up to the end of the chorus it worked.  We spent about half a day joking around with it and accidentally fell in love with it. We’re good mates with Ian from Wolfmother whom is phenomenal on the keys so we invited him in to jam with us and the unimaginable happened,   DLC wrote a reggae song.

ID: How did you pick the other songs beside “The Mile”?

DLC: We had the whole EP, obviously, to do as it was an anniversary album, but the other ones we literally fought them out with each other like a gladiator match. It’s was really hard to pick as we all had different favourites.

ID: How about acoustic live shows?

DLC: We toured it in Aus and it was amazing, such a different vibe playing seated and having people not moshing. One of my fav tours I’ve done.

ID: What changed most within the last 10 years of DLC?

DLC: I guess the industry with the onset of file sharing and then streaming. I’ve seen some some of the most talented musicians have to make the tough choice of leaving music because of how butchered the industry has become.

ID: Do you have a personal favourite track of your band, and if there’s an acoustic version, which one do you prefer more?

DLC: My personal fav changes all the time with DLC. On the acoustic record “Are We Closer” is my favourite though. We managed to write it to a specific track length also which ties into the song.

ID: Tell me, is there something you would have done different in retrospect?

DLC: Perhaps made it a few tracks longer to fit more on.

ID: Too bad you didn’t as this might be a standalone project. What does the future look like? new record, full-length, EP?

DLC: We are about to begin pre-production for album number 4, so everything in our world is currently focussed around that. Into the rabbit hole we go.

ID: Oh yes! That sound promising! Is there anything you want to say to our community?

DLC: Thanks for being free thinking human beings whom seek out the alternative and support the bands you are passionate about.   

You can follow the band on their Official Website or Facebook to keep up to date with news and announcements for their upcoming album!

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