After releasing one of the best albums of the year, Elder embarked on a European tour spanning the mainland and the UK. It Djents were fortunate enough to catch up with them on this tour to get to know the band and their influences more in-depth. If you haven’t had the pleasure of getting your ears around this astounding band yet, Elder are considered one of the key influences for many in the psych rock/doom genres, which are emerging from the underground of metal.

Their latest album, Reflections of a Floating World, has been met with critical acclaim from critics through a number of genre outlets, and has certainly been the talking point of the It Djents group since its release. Keeping in line with their signature sound from their 2015 release Lore, the band wanders from progressive sludge to a more classic prog rock sound, tied together nicely with powerful raspy vocals. Each song lets you drift away, with effortless shifts pulling the listener back into the music. A favourite from this album is the opener, “Sanctuary”, with a huge reprise kicking in to remind you that it’s still the same song from ten minutes ago.

The show itself was the London date of their tour with King Buffalo, at the Underworld in Camden. I’ve seen Perturbator here before, and it’s a great venue – if you can get down to the circle in time. The gig was sold out, and our view ended up being blocked by pillars for a large proportion of the show. However, because it was, as I said, sold out, the room was buzzing for both bands. King Buffalo play a more Southern-rock influenced sound, which is akin to Elder when they lead off on crazy tangents. The latter were absolutely stunning afterwards, covering material from both Lore and Reflections. Their sound was unbelievable, and you can really hear the difference the fourth member has made when listening back to old tour videos.

We caught up with Nick DeSalvo, lead vocalist and guitarist of Elder, to discuss his influences, where their sound is coming from/going to, their new member, and the tour so far! Check it out below and be sure to give their back catalogue a listen on their Bandcamp, whilst checking for upcoming tours on their Facebook.

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