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When they were out on tour with Heaven Shall Burn, August Burns Red and Whitechapel, we got the chance to speak with In Hearts Wake. The Australian metalcore outfit talked about the several bands on the line-up, as well as their ‘secret’ top three and why they decided to support Sea Shepherd with their newest acoustic EP!


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It Djents: You guys are in Europe again. How does it feel to come back? And does it feel different to you?

In Hearts Wake: It’s great to be back, we love Europe! Everyone’s always so friendly, and the shows have so much energy. It’s definitely different for us. There’s so many different cultures and languages all within such a small area, if you travel only a few hours you can be in a completely different country.


ID: What makes it special?

IHW: It’s really special being able to play to such a wide variety of audiences across one tour. There’s nowhere else in the world where we have toured that we can do that.


ID: The line-up is massive. Heaven Shall Burn, Augst Burns Red, and Whitechapel. Tell me which act makes you the most excited.

IHW: I think Heaven Shall Burn makes us the most excited because we’ve never played with them or seen them play before. I know they’re really big in Europe, so it will be lots of fun to watch each night.


How much have you been influenced by HSB?

IW: I wouldn’t say we’ve been influenced by them, we haven’t been influenced by many bands and their music is quite different to ours.

ID: And what about ABR respectively Whitechapel?

IHW: We used to cover “Composure“ by ABR when we were young, but I think their music is a bit more technical than ours so we haven’t drawn much of an influence musically from them. Whitechapel are so heavy! I remember seeing them for the first time in Brisbane about nine years ago, and it’s still one of the best shows I’ve been to.


ID: Imagine you could take a dream line-up to Australia, with three more bands and you. Who would those three bands be?

IHW: Nickelback, Bury Your Dead, Saosin.


ID: We will just leave this standing for itself. Tell me: German bands almost never play in Australia, but Australian bands are always touring in Germany heavily. What do you think is the reason for this?

IHW: There’s not many places that you can play in Australia. It’s hard to be a big band from Australia without touring the rest of the world, whereas Germany has such a huge market that you don’t really need to tour Australia if you’re from there.


ID: Are German shows different from the rest of Europe?

IHW: I think they are really high-energy shows compared to the rest of Europe. Everyone is always having a good time and they’re not afraid to go crazy.


ID: Do you have the time to do some sightseeing on tour? And if so, is there something you are looking forward to seeing on this tour?

IHW: We don’t get many days off to go sightseeing, but we’re playing in Sweden and Denmark for the first time ever which is really exciting. We’ve never been to Scandinavia before, so that’s really exciting for us.

ID: What are your essentials on tour, and how do you deal with food and coffee on the road?

IHW: It’s essential to try and get a decent sleep each night and eat as healthy as you can. Some of the guys love coffee and use an app on their phones which tells them where the best coffee is nearby.


ID: Sounds like a true essential! You released a re-imagined acoustic EP in February. Tell me about how this idea came together and if you could imagine doing more songs in this style, or even playing them in an intimate atmosphere live!

IHW: We had played a few acoustic performances over the years and really enjoyed re-working our songs for them. We’d talked about releasing something like this for a while now and felt this was our chance to finally do so. I’m sure we will do similar things to this in the future and would love to do more intimate acoustic shows.


ID: You are supporting Sea Shepherd with this EP, How important is it for you to support such projects as a band?

IHW: We’ve always tried to have a positive message as a band, and we’re so happy to be supporting such a great cause. I think it’s important to spread the message to the younger generation because they’re the ones it’s going to be affecting.


ID: At the end, let me know: Do you have a favourite German beer?

IHW: I don’t think I have a favourite and if i did, I probably couldn’t spell it anyway. Whenever we’re there, the beers are always good!


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