INTERVIEW: Lukas Maygar From Veil of Maya – “Life Is What You Make It”

Ever since the arrival of Veil of Maya‘s new vocalist, the band has broken boundaries in the industry, both musically and socially. The man leading the pack has distinguished himself by not only working with one of the world’s current largest progressive metal bands, but also with other reputable artists like Luke Holland and Jason Richardson. Here we have none other than Lukas Maygar, recently returning from the European Sumerian Alliance Tour, to tell us djent fans a little about his journey the past couple years with Veil of Maya:


It Djents: What has been your biggest challenge in Veil of Maya?

Lukas Maygar: Adapting to being on the road and away from home.


ID: How did you end up becoming the new frontman before Matriarch was released?

LM: I heard that VoM parted ways with their last vocalist through social media. I reached out to the manager of the band and sent an audition.


ID: What were one or two of your most personal or favorite tracks from Matriarch?

LM: “Mikasa” and “Daenerys”. They are my favorite because of what they are about. The lyrics to “Mikasa” are about auditioning for VoM. “Daenerys” is written about home.


ID: What are some of your biggest inspirations for song- and lyric-writing?

LM: I find inspiration in everyday things. Sometimes things as simple as a nice breeze. The record was written around what was happening in my life at the time. I was experiencing a lot of new things and I was trying to adapt to a new lifestyle.


ID: What’s a little known fact or hobby that not many people know about you?

LM: I enjoy playing sports during my down time.


ID: Where do you see yourself musically in 5 years?

LM: Still touring and writing as often as I can.


ID: What musical projects were you a part of before Veil of Maya?

LM: I started writing and tracking for my band Arms of Empire several years before joining VoM. I’m still currently working on that project with several others.


ID: Do you prefer studio or tour? Why?

LM: I don’t have a preference between the two. Both make me better at what I do and they are challenging in their own ways.


ID: Finally, what advice or experience would you offer to upcoming artists who share dreams similar to yours?

LM: Don’t ever stop believing in yourself. Life is what you make it.


Pick up Veil of Maya‘s latest album, Matriarch, from their online store. Follow Lukas Maygar and the Veil crew for tour dates and more on their Facebook and Twitter!

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