INTERVIEW: Navene Koperweis of Entheos

Readers may know Entheos as one of the more recent breakaway progressive metal bands they’re seeing on tour flyers. Featuring some iconic faces from The Faceless and Scale the Summit‘s past, the band caught attention with their first EP, Primal. About a year after, they released The Infinite Nothing, and are now a commonly recognized name for djent fans with tastes for Meshuggah and Black Crown Initiate. Entheos features percussionist Navene Koperweis, formerly of Animals As Leaders and other well-known projects. Koperweis dropped into It Djents with some cool updates for Entheos fans while discussing the musical transitions throughout his career:

It Djents: So tell us how you started working with Entheos.

Navene Koperweis: I had gone off to do my solo thing for a couple years and missed playing metal, so I started Entheos with some close friends. I didn’t want to be in a band unless it was an ideal situation, so that’s what we strive for.


ID: Have you worked with any other groups before Entheos?

NK: Yeah! Animosity, Animals as Leaders, and briefly with The Faceless. That’s just drumming though; I do production/session drums and that would be a long list.


ID: Are you working on any new material with the Entheos crew?

NK: Fuck yeah. We have a whole album outlined. We’re finishing up our own individual parts and tracking starts next month.


ID: Would you like to elaborate more on the conceptual or musical side of the new album, or is it still mostly a secret?

NK: Musically, I feel like it’s a big step for us. It’s the first time we’ve written as a full band. We all wrote the album together, all staying in my small studio for 10 days [laughs]. I’m really happy with how it’s going. It took some time for us to solidify our lineup but, now that we’re solid on that, it’s really coming through on our new material.

ID: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

NK: I try to stay under a constant state of influence so it’s always changing. I think most people would start by saying who influenced them early on, but I’ll say who it is that influences me now. I’m really into learning about synth at the moment, so most of my time is being spent listening to analog jam sessions on YouTube. Richard Devine is awesome. Also, I’ve been listening to DispersE and the new Candiria.


ID: Do you have any endorsements or gear you prefer to use?

NK: Yep. I’m endorsed by Tama, Meinl, Promark, Evans, and Gator cases.


ID: Any upcoming tours?

NK: Not at the moment. We did quite a bit of touring early on. Right now, we’re just trying to regroup and polish this album as much as we can. After that, we’ll start going after tours, etc.


ID: What do you envision for the future of both Entheos as well as your own personal music career?

NK: I’d like Entheos to keep developing our sound and stay busy with tours and shows. For myself, I just want to keep experimenting with ideas sonically and musically, and hopefully do some sort of solo live thing again. The solo stuff is just a hobby; I don’t want it to be anything more than that.

Koperweis also just put out a sample pack that he spent lots of time perfecting and is very proud of! Check it out HERE.
Be sure to follow Entheos on their Facebook and Twitter, purchase The Infinite Nothing from Amazon, and be on the lookout for their upcoming 2017 album!
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