INTERVIEW: Paolo Colavolpe Of Destrage

I had the honor to meet up with Paolo Colavolpe, the singer of Italian mathcore/prog metal group Destrage on the first day of their tour with Periphery and The Contortionist. We talked about the reception of their record A Means To No End as well as what to expect of the tour and the potential cooking battle with their friends in Fleshgod Apocalypse! You can also read our live review for the show here!


It Djents: Ciao Paolo, tell me, what do you expect of this tour with Periphery and The Contortionist?

Paolo Colavolpe: Well, we expect exposure and a great experience with the mates from the other bands! We already know The Contortionist, from when we toured with them and Protest The Hero two years ago. They are great friends of us. Periphery too, are great guys, but just few of us already knew them, ’cause they met during a tour. But on this first day, they are super cool guys! Gonna be a great human experience as well.


ID: Sounds promising! Is there also a specific date on this tour you are looking most forward to?

PC: We[‘ve] never been to Scandinavia. This will be our first time for Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, so we are definitely excited.


ID: Is it much different for you to play gigs outside of Italy?

PC: On a tour like this; with huge bands and organisation, big venues etc., its so different. Especially the huge venues in Italy, well it’s not the best country to tour. We have like 3 or 4 great venues for big bands, but not medium sized, which is a problem in Italy. I think in it’s cool, because the people are very passionate about music and at the concerts. There is still a hardcore attitude, and that’s what I like about the country.


ID: And when it comes to venue-sizing, which one do you prefer?

PC: Mhm, there is always a difference with exposure. The big ones or the smaller ones where you are the mainact, it’s different feelings. But both of them are great anyway.


ID: Let’s talk about the reception of A Means To No End, are you still happy with it?

PC: We are super happy, because we took another way from the recording we knew. We didn’t want to copy ourselves, which was good for us. We understood that we wanted to make different stuff and doing in a different way, more live orientated. And now everything is good with it, especially on live basis.

ID: So is it way more fun live to play?

PC: I hope so, haha! These songs were made for live. We composed them live; all together in the same room, playing the instruments with small cabinets, e-drums and without microphones. That was literally the first time we ever made this. We were in favor that we wanted something logic. Nothing digital, that’s why we came back with cabinets instead of axe fx and stuf… It was our way to come back in a logic and organic manner to the band.


ID: A Means To No End ended up in my top three records of 2016. Tell me yours!

PC: Wow, thank you! Well, only metal? There were too many records, great records. In metal I think the last Stray From The Path and Every Time I Die, on none metal side I would say, Childish Gambino, ah fuck, all the great stuff out in 2016… too many stuff, great year!


ID: Yeah, definitely! So, if you remember the interview I did for FUZE Magazine, I asked for a possible cooking battle with Fleshgod Apocalypse. Are there specific plans yet?

PC: Hahaha, not yet, but we always speak with the guys, especially with Francesco. The cooks in our band I was talking of are Fede and Marco. We talked with Francesco about a possibilty, but the probem is: we live in the North and they live in the Centre/South of italy, in Rome, Umbria and Perugia. And we are in Milan. So it’s hard…


ID: You could tour together and add a special cooking battle set each night!

PC: Well, but I dont think that those two bands could match that well on a tour…

Matteo Di Gioia: …but even when we do this, they will win. Because they are very good at it! Francesco is a great cook. Especially for the stuff you’re cooking yet.

ID: But what do you think would be your best recipe to do, so you could possibly win?

Matteo Di Gioia: Contro Francesco Paoli? I would cook fish, because I never saw him doing fish. Also he is from a meat region, Umbria. In the mountains, so the strategy is to surprise him * pause * With animals he doesn’t know, hahaha!


ID: That could be interesting! Do some aliensteaks then! But what are you drinking on tour, as Spencer Sotelo is taking his wine bottle with him on stage. Are you sticking to beer or are you that Italian that you need your wine?

PC: We are not that kind of metal band. We are kinda anti-metal, haha. We don’t have a single beer before the show, as you can see, all the beer is still there, haha. We just have some beer after the show, pretty relaxed, also on stage we just drink water.


ID: And what is the most Italian thing about Destrage?

PC: Probably, Matteo. All start laughing. Well, I would say, probably the mixtures of feelings and gestures.

Ralph Salati: And we always do this *does the typical Italian gesture*


ID: So let’s focus on your setlist, how did you conceptualize it?

PC: It was difficult, because we only have half an hour, so we take stuff from the previous records. Also three songs from the new one, as we have to support it of course. We are at the fourth album, so it starts to get difficult, but I think “Purania“ is pretty cool, “(The) Flight“ is pretty funny, and also “Symphony (Of The Ego)“ is. “Destroy (Create Transform Sublimate)“ isn’t, because I have no space to breathe and that’s why I hate it, haha.

ID: And when being on tour, are you also trying to do some sightseeing?

PC: We are always focusing on the gigs. As this tour is 25 days for 21 gigs. So there is no time to see something. If we are near something it could happen that we see something, haha. We are always happy to visit places and if we have the chance to do it, we will.


ID: Also I remember, that you are doing your own food on tour. So are you doing it on this tour as well?

PC: Yeah, we are cooking! But in general we love to try typical food of the place we are going. We haven’t had more than breakfast today, but breakfast all day long. Also we have nothing to cook here, because we didn’t bring anything as we are going to be in Milan in 2 days and having a day off at home. So we are able to carry all the stuff. We have quite been in stress before tour, but then we will pick it up. But not too much, as it would start smelling, haha. But we also wrote in our rider, that we love to try typical food, so let’s see what we are going to get after our set!


ID: This might sound obligatory, but are you already working on new stuff?

PC: We never stop to work on new music, but we are not focussed on a new record at the moment. We already definitely start to speak about it in general, you know. Nothing specific…


ID: It’s time to enjoy touring anyway, thank you for your time Paolo! Is there anything you would like to add?

PC: I want to thank you for this interview and for your support, and definitely see you soon!


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