INTERVIEW: The Arusha Accord

After many long winters of waiting, Tech-Metal fans across the world rejoiced to hear that this year, The Arusha Accord are coming back from the depths of hiatus to fill the cavities left in the wake of their 2010 departure.
Hitting the ground running with a new single titled “Blackened Heart”, it’s clear to see that the guys have not lost any of their talent or songwriting abilities in their time away from The Arusha Accord. “Blackened Heart” harks back to their distinctive mathcore sound, whilst adding proggier, more mature layers to their repertoire as well as channeling the angst which was so powerful on their debut album, 2009’s The Echo Verses.

It Djents were lucky enough to catch up with The Arusha Accord before their first comeback gig in Reading. We managed to chat to the band about what they had been up to in their time away, their vision for the future of The Arusha Accord and, of course, we pressed for news on their next release as well. The band are back with a new game plan for their future and it’s an admirable one. Check out the interview below to find out more, and drop us some comments to let us know what you’d like to hear It Djents discuss with bands in the future!

Check out The Arusha Accord‘s Facebook for updates on tours and new music and check out their latest track “Blackened Heart” below!

Photo credit: Gav Thane Photography

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