INTERVIEW: Will Putney Of Fit For An Autopsy

Fit For An Autopsy might have released the best proggy deathcore record of 2017. They amazed not only their fans but also the media and us for sure (read our review here)! We got the chance to talk to reknown producer and guitarist of Fit For An Autopsy: Will Putney!

It Djents: How do you feel about The Great Collapse‘s release?

Will Putney: I am excited, the response has been really good. Iam really proud of it!

ID: And which response is more important for you personally. The media or the fans?

WP: Definitely the fans. I love the media and to get responses from them, especially on this one, was great. We always got further with them. I mean we could have been trashed or anything; but at the end of the day, the fans are the ones and the reason why we have a career. When the fans are happy it’s a little bit more rewarding. But on this one, everybody seems to be into it on both sides, that’s a little surprising to me, haha!

ID: How long did you work on this new record and how different was it from producing another band?

WP: We have been working for a while; we have been touring and I wrote a lot while I was away. So we had a good load of songs but, filled up more when we were back home. We were trying out, taking recordings and stuff… All in one I think we wrote about a year I guess.

When I do a record for us, I don’t have to look at how the people want it to sound, I can just do literally what I want. I can make music that works just for me instead of sticking to what the audience wants. That makes it easier for me somehow.

ID: Is it also more fun?

WP: Yeah, I don’t have to worry about, how the songs are perceived. It is way more of a passion project!

ID: Do you have a personal favourite song on The Great Collapse?

WP: I really like “Heads Will Hang“! It changes everyday somehow. But that one is lyrically very important to me. But if you ask tomorrow it might be another one, haha.

ID: This song especially reminds a lot of Gojira. How do you feel about this comparison?

WP: We get compared to them since a while, which is cool, because we’ve defnitely been fans for a while. And how far they push their music, I appreciate that comparison for sure. There is a lot of stuff where we get inspired from. It’s ok when you put us and them in a box, but there is a lot more that influences both bands on a very diverse way.

ID: That for sure! So how do you get inspired for writing?

WP: I usually listen to a lot music before I get into writing and then I get into the mode where I turn it all of. I start working on songs, working on my own head. I want a song to feel a certain way, so I work on it and afterwards get back on it with a clear head.

ID: This summer you are touring Europe with Architects, how does it feel to know about venues with capacities of up to 2000 people? Is there a special show on the billing?

WP: It’s great, I love the band, and we really like what they do! We as a band hope to get a more stable stand and get to go and play for new fans. It’s great, those shows, the festivals, we had one of our best expierences when being in europe, so this is going to be great for sure. Special show, well.
I mean Wacken is going to be pretty crazy. We all grow up looking at those lineups, we were pretty excited when we heard we got that one, probably our biggest show as well!

ID: You are often labeled as progressive deathcore. What do you personally think of specificating in a genre?

WP: Yeah I mean, we musically definitely have this terms; sometimes. Because we do a few different things now and it’s kinda hard to pick one thing! But we had fans on the more deathcore genre, they are still with us. I don’t mind being called this or tha. It’s totally cool, and doesn’t really matter to us.

ID: A lot of bands are changing their style within the deathcore genre, speaking of Suicide Silence or Emmure getting a reminiscent nu metal vibe, how do you feel about this?

WP: I dont know, we gonna see both sides on it; I feel lik there are plenty bands doing the Korn, Slipknot wannabe stuff. At the same time you have bands that are trying to evolve their own style. Metal always was creating subgenre, and now there might be something new. When it’s a good song on the band it doesn’t really matter. If you write a song and you can scream or sing and it’s good, you might get good reactions by metal fans. We in Fit For An Autopsy are just doing what we do, I do feel we are popping out from both sides in the spectre more and more over the years. Everybody is trying to do something that hasn’t been done yet. That’s the evolution of heavy music. That’s why I like it.

ID: What comes next for Fit For An Autopsy?

WP: We have been on tour, at this point we are still about a month to go with touring, and then another tour. Then Europe… as you can see we are really busy this year! There is a lot of crap in the background to manage, so we are glad to enjoy the release and tour.

ID: Speaking of touring, how do you manage to tour and keep your work as a producer up?

WP: Im not on tour all times with the bands anymore. We decided a while ago. Thats why added Tim to the band. The band generally tours as a five piece now. This makes it possible for me to produce and tour and stuff. It definitely helps to make my time manageable.

ID: And when you are not writing music, what do you do then?

WP: I try to watch TV, haha! Thank you for the interview!

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