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Welcome to the wonderfully insane world of PinioL, the hybrid offspring of otherworldly three-piece PoiL and avant-garde experimental rockers Ni. Their recently birthed debut album Bran Coucou is not only a note-perfect molecular fusion of both bands, but also a dazzling, unique and somewhat alien sounding masterpiece in its own right. And PoiL/PinioL bass player Boris Cassone was kind enough to tell It Djents some of this new band’s backstory, starting with the obvious:

‘The two bands PoiL and Ni met at the very beginning of a tour, back in 2012′, Boris tells us. ‘Both bands got really impressed by each other musically, and the dudes became friends fast. During the second or third tour together, someone just said in the van ‘Why not make a band, all together?’ It was a joke. But apparently some jokes are meant to become realities… We actually made it’.

And conceptually, the music was equally as random, with no unifying theme. ‘Though as time went by and the band started to work, some characteristics became obvious, like the symmetrical line-up, the intensive use of split-voicing patterns, and so on. But it never was a concept, nor a meaning… Just a meeting’.

‘A meeting’ is to put it mildly. To reiterate, PinioL was initially comprised of the full lineup of PoiL of Ni, meaning two bass players and two drummers in one band. ‘Of course having two drummers and two bassists allows more rhythmic complexity’, explains Boris.

‘And we use it a lot. For example, for complementary polyrhythmic patterns, each bass-drum couple plays a part of the global figure. But it also allows us to empower a particular riff, when played at unison. It just allows you to play almost any rhythm you can have in mind, which is really convenient’.

And on an equally even footing is the individual band member’s contribution to the music. Here’s a clue: There’s a reason why there are exactly seven songs on the album. ‘Each one of us wrote one song’, reveals Boris. ‘Except for one of the two drummers, who joined the band later to replace Ni‘s drummer, who quit. And we all have suggestions the very moment we get to work on a song. So in a sense, there is a particular creative mastermind per song … and the unity of the whole is the force of the band’.

The vocals in PinioL are another extremely intricate component, with the majority of the band members contributing in some form or another. As one can imagine, harmonising is a challenge. ‘We actually don’t sing all of it live so far’ Boris assures us. ‘But we surely will in the future’.

And the musical influences of PinioL are so vast, it really is a case of where to begin. ‘I can only do a short list with whatever comes in mind at the moment: Nirvana, Maurice Ravel, Sonic Youth, Pantera, Velvet Underground, Igor Stravinsky…’

So with all the work that went into the creation of Bran Coucou, the endeavor of bringing PinioL‘s songs to the live stage is surely a tricky one. ‘The biggest challenge on stage is to make what we play understandable, as there is a lot going on. We have to be careful and channel the energy correctly’.

And their favorite live experience? ‘My personal favorite was at “ça fait zizir “ festival, in Lyon in September 2016. I can’t say for the guys… guys?’

With all of this newfound momentum, this super-supergroup seems to be going from strength to strength. So what is the future for PinioL? Boris is only able to answer in one swift summary:

Hopefully lots of shows!!!’

You can hear PinioL‘s music on their Spotify and Bandcamp pages and their Youtube Channel. For tour dates and other news, visit the band’s Official Facebook Page, and for other information and releases from their record label, Dur et Doux, visit the Dur et Doux Bandcamp Page.

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